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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Vacations on a Budget: The LaBrea Tarpits...

So I'm finally getting around to posting those pictures from our trip to Los Angelos. We were there for two days and were able to check out The LaBrea Tar pits, The Los Angelos County Art Museum, and The LA Zoo. They were all amazing and I am so thankful we were able to spend the weekend there over Memorial Day and enjoy some much needed family time.

When we started planning our family vacation, we looked up all the many attractions that are in the LA area. There were so many to choose from we could have planned a four week vacation. To narrow it down, we each picked something that we really wanted to do. Jason has wanted to do the LaBrea Tar Pits for years, so that was an obvious choice for him. The kids picked the zoo and I really wanted to do the Natural History Museum, but once we got to LA I realized it may not work out with logistics. Our plan was to do LaBrea Tarpits and the Natural History Museum in one day and we weren't sure how that would work with LA traffic and with the kids energy levels, so we decided to do the Art Museum instead (it was next door to the tar pits). I am so glad we did because it was pretty amazing. Wilshire Blvd (where the tar pits are located) is like museum central. It was so neat to see everything in that area. The parks were beautiful as well. Perfect for picnicking for lunch. 

We went when the park first opened, so we had no trouble finding a place to park. I had looked up the area before, so I knew that we would have to pay for parking. I factored that in when we were planning our trip. To cut done on the cost, we brought along our Nutri-bullet to make smoothies in the morning. Our hotel room had a mini fridge in it, so it was perfect for keeping our almond milk and fruit cold for smoothies. We also had a cooler, so we could bring sandwiches and snacks to eat. This really cut down on the cost of our trip as well. We did this on both Saturday (tar pit and art museum day) and Sunday (zoo day). Not having to buy food for breakfast and lunch saved us $40+, which this mama was very happy about.

After a guided tour of the tar pits, we stopped for lunch and were able to visit the county art museum. It was full of art from around the world. It was really cool when my Keagan and Libby recognized art done by Matisse and Andy Warhol. It made this homeschool mama proud. My brother and sisinlaw came for the day as well, so it was really cool to explore with them. 

Tomorrow I will share our pictures from The Art Museum. There was this really cool art piece in front of the museum that you were able to walk through and play with. Seriously the coolest thing ever! I can't wait to show you tomorrow. 

XO Danielle

Thank you to everyone that pre-ordered my book and those who purchased it yesterday. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Your support means the world to me! :)


  1. I'm curious what you think are good price points for things like hotel rooms, family meals out, tickets to attractions, etc. I'm sure there's a lot of variability, but I never know how well I'm doing with budget travel because I really have no solid comparisons from budget experts. Thank you!

    1. That's a hard one. I really shopped around, looking for quality and budget friendly places. I searched a lot on That is a great site to find hotels. I was able to go through my brotherinlaw who has AAA. He got us a great deal that way.


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