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Monday, June 1, 2015

We Went To LA....

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went to LA. We packed those cute red heads up and went away for the weekend for some much needed family time. My brotherinlaw and sisinlaw came along as well. It was two full days of absolute fun and relaxation. Surprisingly we didn't get lost once (this added to the relaxation. Stress free driving). We missed a turn or two (those freeway on ramps come out of no where), but thanks to Google we were able to turn around and get right back on track. LA freeways were one of my biggest fear when planning this trip. I get lost really easily, but Hubby drove...I was the co-pilot with my GPS active on my phone. Thank you Google Maps :)

LA was awesome! Full of amazing sights to see. We went to an art museum, the LaBrea Tarpits, and the Los Angeles zoo.  I can't wait to share and tell you about our family vaca! I will be sharing our pictures over the next day or so. Oh and I haven't forgotten about the home tour I haven't finished yet. I'm going to work on some more home posts this week. Oh and don't forget today is day 1 of my June Spending Freeze. I love how so many of you are joining in. You can learn more about it here.We are going to save this month lovelies! I think a budget detox is a great thing to do a few times a year. It really puts your spending habits out there for you to see and analyze. Share your progress on instagram using the hashtag #junespendingfreeze and follow me on instagram so I can cheer you on too! :)

XO Danielle

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  1. cant wait to hear abt it! my cor would luv to visit tar pits


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