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Monday, June 8, 2015

Whole Wheat Cornbread Mix...

Whole Wheat Cornbread Mix...

Recently I asked you what Ready-Made Mixes you'd like to see from me. I was astounded by the response. You guys gave me so many fabulous ideas that now I am on a mix kick! Friday alone I worked on three mixes. I love this blog and you readers because you constantly challenge me to push further and think outside the box. 

Sure we could just buy boxed mixes from the store. I mean I've been doing that for years! But what if we could make mixes at home...adding in our own wholesome ingredients and save money. I mean if you could do that, wouldn't you?

Well I have come to the conclusion that making these mixes at home does save you money. Yes it takes a bit of time to prepare in advance, but a little more time now means less time needed in the month to make yummy things for your family. My goal with this ready-made mixes page is to provide you with cost efficient mixes that have ingredients in them that are great for us and of course I want the mixes to taste good too :)

Today I am sharing my Whole Wheat Cornbread Mix recipe. Cornbread is a favorite of mine...going way back. I remember my dad always making it as a kid. Cornbread for me, reminds me of home. Although he used a box mix, I wanted to still create that cozy deliciousness that we all find with those childhood favorites.

This recipe is simple to make. You can make the mix ahead of time and store in an air-tight container. Make sure to label and date your mix as well. This mix will last 10-12 weeks in your pantry. It is shelf stable, which I love!

I have also included the recipe on how to use the mix. I love to whip up this cornbread for lunch sometimes and pair it with a vegetable soup or chili. Yum! Yum!

I placed all my ingredients for the mix in my mixer and used the whisk attachment to mix it. You want to make sure that everything is mixed well, so that all ingredients will be distributed evenly.

Whole Wheat Cornbread Mix

2 1/2 cups cornmeal
2 cups whole wheat flour
2 cups white flour
2 cups instant low-fat non-fat powdered milk
2/3 cups white sugar
1/4 cup flax seed
4 tbl baking powder
1 tbl salt
1 tbl baking soda

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients. Stir with a wire whisk until evenly distributed. Pour into a 10-cup container with a tight fitting lid. Label and date your container. Store in a cool, dry place. Use within 10-12 weeks. Makes about 10 cups of cornbread mix.

Whole Wheat Cornbread

1 egg, beaten
1/2 cup water
2 tbl butter, softened
1 1/2 cups cornbread mix

Preheat oven to 425'. Grease a 5x3 loaf pan (you can also use a 9x5). In a bowl, beat together egg, water, and butter. Stir in cornbread mix until moistened. Batter will be lumpy. Pour into prepared pan. Bake 20-25 minutes. 

Makes 1 loaf


XO Danielle

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  1. Yum! I never even thought of making cornbread whole wheat! Thanks for sharing!


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