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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

5 Ways to Make Science Come Alive This Summer For Your Kids...

Alright Mamas, it is the end of July and you still have about 6 more weeks till school starts up again. Whether you are counting down till the kiddos return to school or are savoring the time you have with them..or maybe a little bit of both...I am sure you are racking your brain, trying to think of some fun things to do with those kids to pass the hot summer days we've been having. Well I've got you covered lovelies! Today I am sharing 5 ways to make science come alive this summer with your kiddos because we all know when we get those little minds thinking, amazing things can happen :)

1) Get Out in Nature- Go outside. I know it is me I know! I live in the desert where the sun is always present. I swear it feels like it never sets some days.....dramatic yes....a bit, but I am serious too! Getting out in nature is a great way to get little minds thinking...and big minds too! Go for a hike, collect bugs, make a bird feeder and hang it, etc. Think outside the box and be creative. There are tons of ideas for outside fun on the web. Search for ideas with your kids and find something fun you can all enjoy!

2) Enjoy Science in the Kitchen- One of my favorite things to do with my kids is get in the kitchen to cook/bake. When you are cooking or baking, you are doing science and the cool thing is that neither parent nor child is realizing that science is being done. Bake something, make a meal together, or try something new. Let your kids be involved in the planning of food in your home. When I include my kiddos in the creation of meals, something magical happens. Little hands are busy, which means they are less likely to poke each other out of boredom - please tell me I am not the only one with a brother sister combo who strive to annoy each other! They are also more likely to eat what was prepared because they had a hand in making it. They always want to try out their handiwork :)

3) Explore a Museum- exploring museums with my kiddos is an all time favorite of mine. I love sitting back and seeing where their curiosity takes them. Kids are naturally curious and want to create and ask questions. They are naturally question askers and want to figure out the world around them. Taking them to museums, specifically hands on ones, allows them to feed that curiosity and get some energy out as well. Win! Win! Look up what museums are available in your area and plan a trip. Your kids will love it!

4) Make a Family Fun Calendar- I am a planner. It is printed in my DNA...for real people. Because I like to plan, I have rubbed that characteristic trait off onto my kiddos. They like knowing what the plan is for the week. Come up with a game plan for your kiddos. Think of ways you can get out and explore. It you can't get out, try to plan a few experiments you can do at home. Bayer Making Science Make Sense® has a toolbox of fun ideas you can do with your kids. I have already found a few I want to try with my own muchkins. Some science fun is surely happening in my house this summer!

5) Have fun and set a budget- When it comes down to it, you simply need to have fun. be creative and listen to your kids. Listen for the ideas they share and the things that they want to do this summer. Set a budget, so you can find things to do that don't break the bank. No matter what you do though, have fun. Your kids are only this little once. When they grow up, they won't remember how much money you spent on them, but they will remember the time you spent with them.

You can find more kid friendly science fun ideas HERE on Bayer Making Science Make Sense® :) Have fun! #SummerScience

XO Danielle


  1. Hi Danielle, I was wondering what you and Jason's plan for the kids college studies are? I know you save a lot while homeschooling but I was wondering if you did something specific to save for college studies, I don't want my children to have as many student loans as I do.

  2. Danielle- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make sure all people with long hair or even semi-long hair put their hair up into a hairnet or pull it back into a ponytail. My sister's hair caught on fire working @ a gas stove and almost ended up with skin burns as well!! That includes YOU too Danielle!! Happy experimenting!!


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