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Monday, July 20, 2015

Family Night....

"If your family is anything like mine, than you feel pulled in many directions. There are jobs to attend to, extra curricular activities to head to, and everything else in between. Life is busy and some days it can feel downright impossible to find a time when the whole family can sit down and be together. Because life can be so busy, it is important to take time each week to be together as a family. We need to continually strengthen and nurture our family relationships. We want time together, where no one is glued to an electronic device or off doing their own thing. We do this by having time where we laugh, talk, and enjoy one another's company. That is what family night is all about. It is about making your family a priority, taking time out of each week to be together, and to enjoy those little ones that we get to love on each day. No matter how busy life may seem, there is always time for family. By prioritizing, getting creative, and having fun, you can enjoy time as together!"

XO Danielle


  1. cute post, family night is such an important catch up and bonding time, and it only needs to cost time and love, not $ x

  2. Oh, an 'excerpt'! So awesome Danielle! I'm so excited for you and I'm always impressed when you post about your family nights. They truly are so important and I have such a hard time implementing them into our routine. Thanks for the reminder!


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