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Friday, July 31, 2015

Kitchen Hack: Saving Hard Cookies

So here's the get up the urge to make some delicious chocolate chip, nut throw in the flour, eggs, sugar, and all the other goodies...anticipating the chewy goodness when they're finally are ready to eat. You bake them to a perfect lightly golden brown and allow them to cool on cooling racks....trying to hold off as long as you can before you sample the sugary goodness. 

Now right off you know they are exactly what dreams are made of. Semi-sweet goodness in a little circle of baking delight. Then the next day know when one of the kids tried to sneak a cookie, but accidentally left the tub open and your perfect little circles of chocolate have now become a bit on the hard side. Anyone have this happen? It is a total bummer when it does....but I am here to share some happy news with you lovelies. All is not lost! You can win back the chocolate goodness you've been dreaming about.....oh and it's pretty simple too! Place two slices of bread into a tub with your cookies. Put the lid on tightly and allow the magic to happen. The cookies will pull the moisture out of the bread and the cookies will become soft, chewy rounds of happiness again :)

This is a no fail trick. I learned this from my mominlaw years ago and use it all the time when my cookies are on the hard side. Have you tried it out? What other kitchen hacks do you have to share? 

XO Danielle 


  1. OMG brilliant! I have issues with that all the time!
    XO ellen from Ask Away

  2. Hi, I just found your site & am enjoying reading through it. I can see many things I'm interested in & look forward to spending some time reading them more in depth. I'd like to sign up for your newsletter but didn't see where it was. I did a search which said it was above the header but I see an ad for your book-congratulations. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  3. Yay!! You saved the cookie day!

  4. Slices of bread also revives hard, clumped up brown sugar. Never tried it with bread! Good trick!


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