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Thursday, August 27, 2015

An Impromptu Science Experiment...

I've been trying to let go....trying to let those red heads of mine lead our school day....and let me tell ya friend it has been a challenge. Going off the agenda is so not in my code. I am an organizer at heart and like things in their place and in a certain way....but God knows my children's hearts so much better than I do.... and He has placed the idea in my own heart that I need to loosen the reins a that is what I am doing. I am in fact letting Jesus take the wheel. 

When first thing in the morning the boy comes to me with an impromptu science experiment, I go with the flow and say "heck yes...let's do it"...well not exactly those words but you get my drift :) We are exploring together and taking things slow.....and guess what? It actually feels pretty good! Those kiddos are learning and doing so much cool stuff....which means I get to do cool stuff with them. Win! Win! God is at the helm of our homeschooling ship and he is steering us to some amazing places. I am thankful for that knowledge and the guidance He is providing us with. He truly is amazing!

Science experiment from - 150 Science Experiments 

XO Danielle 

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  1. cute, I've applied for Homeschooling registration. Can't wait to get it!


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