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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Teaching Our Children To Need God...

Yesterday, we were talking about how we need God in our lives. That when we fully allow him into our everyday, our lives get so much better. We have more peace and guidance....we have more calm..which this mama is always appreciative of. As I talked and discussed with my little red heads...who are not so little anymore..insert sad mama face...I started to think about how I have been teaching my kids between needs and wants for years. It was one of the first things we did when we started living a frugal life style. As I thought of all the times I have shared little needs vs wants lessons, I asked myself if I had really shared the fact that just like we need food and water, we NEED God in our lives....we NEED our loving Savior in our lives. These are not wants, but absolute needs.

I love these little teaching moments with my kids, when God ends up teaching me a lesson, while I chat with my kiddos.

God knows our hearts. When we take things to Him in prayer, He does hear us. I have been taking a few things to Him over the past few weeks and it is such a wonderful thing to know He DOES hear my prayers and if I calm myself and slowdown, I can receive His counsel...sometimes it is when I am driving, doing the dishes...or even when I am having a little quiet time with my kiddos. I am thankful for those simple, quiet moments. They truly mean the world. 

So I am starting to look for more opportunities to teach my kids about the need we have for a Savior and a loving Heavenly Father. I know this is something the Lord wants them (and me) to learn and since He has placed this little tidbit on my heart, I know He will present opportunities for me to teach them and show them by example. By sharing my testimony sharing stories with them...I can teach them about that need. We also started reading a few devotional books I found on Amazon. I will share those with you on another day, once we have used them for a bit more. I am so curious how you ladies teach your own families to need God. Let's share and encourage one another this Thursday morning. I glean so much from all of you. Chatting here on this blog is truly a precious part of my day. Thank you all so dang much:)

XO Danielle


  1. Love this, Danielle...soooo true! There is nothing we need more than God in our lives! Found you through Posed Perfections' link party and would love it if you stopped by ours today too please... Love this encouraging post!
    Kendra @

  2. I'm trying to do the same. we do devotionals but I want him to have a NEED for it too. not just be a duty. My not so little little accepted Jesus as his Savior at church camp 2 wks ago, so he's hungry for the word still. if u find any that your not so little littles are super jazzed about I wud luv to hear about them!


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