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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cleaning Out The Freezer.....

At the end of each month I like to clean out my freezer, so I can see what things are hiding in the depths below. One of the biggest concerns I hear about freezer chests  is the worry that things will get buried way down deep and go unused. By cleaning out your freezer each month and taking stock of what you have on hand, you can eliminate this worry. 

The kids and Hubby get in on the action, pulling things out and placing them in baskets. They then clean off any frost buildup, while I make a tally sheet of everything we already have one hand. 

If I notice something needs to be used, I put it to the side and make sure it is placed on the top in the freezer, so that it may be used in the upcoming month.

When I put things back, I also have a system to how I organize everything. I keep meat on the bottom, then follow with frozen veggies and fruits. Next is dairy and bread. I end with whatever items I will be using in the next week or so on top. If I have room in my freezer (the one above the fridge), I will place any need to use items in there as well.

Doing this simple task just once a month really helps me to keep our food rotated and make sure nothing gets lost in the deep frozen abyss that can become my freezer chest.

This month, while cleaning out and taking stock, I decided to use up a lot of our food to prepare freezer meals. It has been way too long since I have made some freezer meals to stock my freezer with and this mama needs a good ole' sanity saver right about here I am creating as many freezer meals with whatever I find in our pantry, fridge, and freezer. It has become my labor of love this week. I have already made quite a few things, which you can see here on instagram. I've been taking pictures of the process, so I can share all the good stuff here on the blog. Hopefully I finish up my freezer cooking later this week. I've been doing it in short bursts when time allows.

What are some of your favorite (easy peasy) freezer meals?

I hope this day greets you with a smile and you know how truly awesome you are. Have a wonderful day lovelies!!

XO Danielle 


  1. My sister-in-law uses plastic crates to keep like items together. That way nothing is lost in the abyss. It also makes it easier to get to the bottom.

  2. Danielle I love your blog. I organize my chest freezer with sturdy reusable grocery bags w/carrying handles. I group like items, much easier to keep clean and I still do the monthly clean like you. So easy to get to the bottom.


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