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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Learning About South America...

This month we're learning about South America. We're learning about the animals, the people, the culture, the landmarks, etc. It has been really fun to immerse ourselves in South America. 

Throughout the next year we will be learning about a different continent each month. It was something that Hubby and I both felt strongly we should introduce this year. We worked on US geography last year and thought it was time to dive into world geography. Our goal is for them to be able to locate various countries and places on the map. We want them to learn to think deep and to think outside themselves this year. These are the main goals for our family in school this year and "think deep" has become a sort of motto for us.

We are also trying to incorporate a lot more hands on fun and learning. To help the kiddos learn about some of the physical features of South America, we made South America shaped sugar cookies. These were super simple to make and oh so delicious! You know I love my cookies:)

We printed off a map of South America and used that as our cookie cutter. The kids took turns cutting out the cookies. I used this recipe for my sugar cookies. 

We made icing and used mini m and m's to show where the Andes mountains were and the Amazon river. It was a great way to introduce them to this amazing continent and it's many features. 

You could also do this project with sculpting clay if you didn't want to go the food route.

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XO Danielle 


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