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Thursday, September 17, 2015

On My Bedside Table....

Over the weekend I gave my nightstand a bit of a redo. It was piled high with books, bits of paper, things my red heads had left get the picture. It had very little order to it and was becoming hard to find things. It's a small space. I shouldn't lose things in this tiny little space, but I was. So I cleared it all off, gave it a good dusting, and reorganized some of the books I've been reading. Right now I am reading a few books. The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I have been reading this book on and off for about a year. I always end up picking up another book and forgetting all about it. I decided now was the time to drive ahead and finish it. I just finished it last night and it was so good. Nicholas Sparks never disappoints. I'm also reading a few homeschooling books I borrowed from a friend, Paper Towns by John Green, and Make Bread Not Butter by Jennifer Reese. I found these goodies at the library. I have found that taking just a little bit of time for reading in the evening, allows me to unwind and decompress after a long time. It is a nice break after a long busy day. 

I also have two mason jars with my headphones and some pens for when I write in my scripture journal. I've kept a scripture journal on and off for the past 12+ years. I am trying to get back into it because I know what a blessing it has been in my life. I love looking back at different seasons and seeing how scriptures talked to me and how my testimony has grown by leaps and bounds. It also helps give more meaning to my personal time with the Lord.

Oh and that candle warmer has Cinnamon Apple in it...oh how I am already dreaming for fall and this cinnamon apple is aiding in that. I think the next scent I need is pumpkin spice. I am ready for cool evenings, slippers, hot chocolate, and pumpkin everything. 

Anyone else ready too? What are you guys up to this Thursday morning? 

XO Danielle


  1. I, too, am ready for fall!! I bought a box of pumpkin spice muffins from The Christmas Tree shop to make today on my day off. I am already buying fall flavored food when I see them as well. I cannot wait for my first trip to the cider mill/apple orchid this year!!!

    As for today, today will be for studying for account class and baking those muffins to enjoy throughout the next couple of days!!

  2. I recently picked up reading and it has been so therapeutic for my soul! Also, I love the idea of scriptural journal and looking back at what touched my heart - I need to start one asap!
    Also, Nicholas Sparks is my fav!

    Happy Medley


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