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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taco Pizza...

So this is how it happened.....we were having dinner over at a friends house and us ladies started chatting about Pinterest and all the amazing recipes you can find on there. My friend Gail is an avid Pinterester (I think that's a word)...she pins all kinds of yummy things...I love checking out her boards. You can check them out here. Yummy right?

Although I love to pin just like Gail does, there is a BIG difference between her and I. Wanna know what it is? Well while I am pinning yumminess by the dozen, she is actually making the things she pins. What?!? You have to actually make what you pin. Well it's a good idea right?

Well she has been inspiring me to get on Pinterest and actually make some of the five thousands pins I have on there....yes I said five thousand...I have a pinning problem :)

Well a few weeks ago I actually took Gails advice and just did it. She had told me about a taco pizza she had found via Pinterest. I followed the link and was taken to the blog Life in the Lofthouse. Holly's pizza looked amazing! I couldn't believe how picture perfect it was. I was instantly inspired to go to my pantry and see if I had everything to make this delectable thing.

I did...

I had everything to make taco pizza for dinner. I was excited :)

Although my pizza does not even have a tenth of the beauty Holly's does, it did taste pretty darn delicious. I made my filling a bit thick, so I will adjust that next time around...I also went a bit overboard when it came to adding a smidgen of corn. I was too heavy handed. Although I have a few changes to make, it will definitely be on my rotation of meals to make.

What things have you been pinning and making?

XO Danielle


  1. Pinterest is so dangerous!!! lol I love it! I'm considering doing an alternative to a tree for Christmas this year, possibly using a ladder or something else. I spent a few hours this weekend looking around at pictures on there >.< It's addictive!!

  2. That looks good. And it has inspired me to make it myself. Thanks for sharing something different and something with vegies!

  3. Hi Danielle, love your blog! I had to say thanks for sharing the taco pizza is so delicious. My family and I love it! Keep up the good work, you inspire me to √°lways pinch my pennies;-) Frugally yours, Teresa


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