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Monday, September 14, 2015

The Day The Power Went Out...

The day the power wet out, started like any other. It was sunny, we had a few lessons in the morning, and then we decided to do a bit of laundry. Rain was on the forecast for the next day, so I thought we could get a bit done before any rain came our way. 

Boy was I wrong...

Libby and I filled those clotheslines outside and then the clouds started coming in....really Mother Nature? Didn't you get the memo that you weren't suppose to bring rain till tomorrow? 

She didn't.

I was in denial though and continued filling those lines. I was determined to get our wash done for the day.

but those clouds kept coming and then we heard thunder...booming like something fierce...

After about 15 minutes of Keagan and I going back and forth with "will it or will it not rain?" Libby and I quickly ran back outside and pulled those wet clothes off the line. We got done just in time. When I pulled the last shirt off the line, the sky started pouring. We ran inside, nearly soaked, and took to the windows to watch.

There was thunder...a mighty thunder...poor Watson the cat was besides himself....running here and there..until finally settling on hiding under our bed. He figured that was the safest spot. The rain started pouring so hard, that our windows started leaking..leaking! The kids and I ran around with towels, hoping to soak up any water that was going through. You could hear the rain pelting the sides of the house. I couldn't believe how quickly it came down.

Then the power went out.

We said a prayer for Dad to get home safely and talked about flash flooding in the desert. 

Jason made it home in between rain clouds. 

Rain in the desert always amazes me. It can come without notice and pour with such ferocity.

We were among the homes affected by the damage the rain and wind caused. More than 20 electric poles were broken in half by the force of the storm. Isn't that crazy!? I couldn't believe it. Thankfully no one was hurt in our community. Lots of trees down and a bit of damage to homes, but thankfully every person was safe. Thank God!

I am so very thankful to friends and family who let us store our food at their homes, so it didn't go bad. Thank you to friends and family who housed us for a few days and fed us. You guys are truly amazing. This storm reminded me how precious life is and how truly blessed we are to live in these modern times. We have good friends and family that reached out to us. I never feared during anything. I knew that God was watching out for us.

Thank you especially Mom, Tanya, and Stacy. You guys are amazing and truly made those few days without power, feel like a vacation. You guys rock!! 

XO Danielle 


  1. A situation like that would really teach you how prepared you are for things like that. Glad you all are ok!


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