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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Homeschool thoughts...

"Homeschooling is all about finding the heartbeat of your family and following that pace—not your neighbor’s, not your best homeschooling buddy’s, and not the grade level expectations for your child’s age" -Sarah @

This is something we've been working a lot on as a family lately. Finding our own heartbeat and pace has been a process, but a good one. I'm thankful for a  homeschooling community, made up of families who think outside the box. When you're putting your children's needs above everything else, you really can't go wrong with homeschooling.

Finding strength and encouragement in other mamas has become such a blessing to me and I hope you too can find a bit of that same encouragement here on my feed and blog. I truly love what I do and am so thankful I have this little piece of the web to share. 

Know that you were chosen to be your children's mother because you possess exactly what they need to succeed in this life. God doesn't make mistakes. He knows the greatness we are all capable of. Answer his call and he will guide you. We are daughters of a king...entrusted with these sweet babies to teach and guide. Don't compare yourselves to others. Focus on your own little home. Seek out encouragement from others, but know that every family is different. Seek the Lord's guidance and he will help transform your everyday. 

These are just the few thoughts on this mama's heart this morning. You guys are amazing and I am so thankful for your kind thoughts and prayers everyday. They mean the world:)

XO Danielle
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