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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


"Including leftovers in your meal plan is a great way to not only save, but give yourself a night off in the kitchen. Leftovers are any part of a meal not eaten the day it was made. From sauces, to veggies, to meats saving it all will help stretch your groceries further. You work hard to earn money for your family, so why continue to work, just to throw that hard earned money in the trash? Throwing wasted food into the trash is doing exactly that. You are throwing away perfectly edible food, that your family could use. Eating leftovers puts your hard earned money back into your pockets, as well as, frees up more time to spend with that family of yours. I like to think of leftovers as getting a whole meal or part of a meal for free. We all love that four letter word right? It means we got something, without paying for it. Sa-weet! Leftovers are something that could have been tossed in the trash, but you are able to find a way to reuse it again." 

XO Danielle

I saw you can find my book on Ebay too for less than $10. I'm pretty giddy over it :)


  1. How are you doing? Miss you on youtube. Miss your updates on the exercise also. They are encouragement.

  2. We LOVE leftovers at our house too! Excellent thrifty advice Danielle!


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