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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Night time reading...

These two books have become a part of our nightly routine. Back in August I felt very prompted to spend one on one time with my kiddos and the Lord. I wasn't sure if it meant just reading the scriptures with them or something more. Thankfully the Lord led me to these devotional books and our bedtime routine has become a part of the day we all treasure. 

I am reading The Duck Commander book with Keagan and the One Year Mother Daughter Devotional with Libby. Both have amazing stories and scriptures shared daily that have opened up some great dialogue for the kids and I. They also get one on one time with Mom, which is their favorite. We read, talk, laugh, and enjoy some quiet time together.

I'm truly thankful for the guidance the Lord offers me. I've been very humbled over the past few months. I have learned that God truly knows my children's hearts and what they are in need of.
The time I'm taking now to establish a routine of us talking and reading will come in handy in the future. The more that our children see us listening to the small stuff, the more likely they are to trust us with the big stuff. 

Our kids are growing up in a tough world. They need to know they have parents that they can come to always. I'm far from perfect. I'm flawed greatly, but thankfully God see's the mother I can become. It is through His grace I'm able to do what I do.

I wanted to share these books, in case you too are looking for a way to get some quality time in with your kiddos and the Lord. I snagged both of these ebooks on Amazon Kindle for a few bucks each. What other books do you guys like reading with your kiddos? I'm always on the look out for new books :)

XO Danielle 
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