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Friday, November 6, 2015

Finding Creative Ways to Display Children's Art Work...

Finding creative ways to display children's art work has been my mission, since my littles first started creating. I wanted them to have a space not only to allow their creativity to flourish, but a place where they could proudly display their art for all to see.

I am a firm believer that all children are fact I think young and old we are all artists...we all posses the ability to create beautiful in our very own way.

I believe that when we pause and take in the world around us, something magical happens. No matter your medium, you can be inspired to create something beautiful... And you don't need a canvas to do it.

There is beauty in my neighbors perfectly kept roses. He is an artist, as he strives daily to keep those petals thriving. I see beauty when my husband takes wood from the trash pile and creates a beautiful bookcase for my children. I see beauty when I look around the dinner table and see my family enjoying a meal together. There truly is beauty all around us...we only need to open our eyes to see it.

The season my children are in, is creating art with any medium they can get their hands on. Right now the favorites are pastels and tempera paint. We do a lot of art in our homeschooling as well. I believe when children create with their hands, things are learned best.

The old pant hangers I scored from my local thrift store for a few coins each. They are a wonderful way to display art or thoughtful quotes throughout your home. I also have wall collages made of canvases my kids have created. Oh and I can't forget the simple goodness of some string on a chalkboard wall. It makes for a great display wall. The clipboards are a favorite as well. We can store multiple sheets of art and I love how they look under our world map. 

Hanging children's artwork is also a frugal way to brighten up any wall in your home. Think outside the box and get creative. There are so many fun ways to share our littles creations. How do you hang and enjoy your little artists masterpieces?

XO Danielle


  1. I like that idea of using "pant" hangers!
    I am going to look for some of those, and copy you!
    We hang art work on twine, using clothes pins.
    I enjoyed reading this blog this morning.
    You opened my eyes to look for beauty in the little things.

  2. I like the idea of using "pant" hangers. I want to find some, and copy you!
    We hang art work on twine, using clothes pins.
    I enjoyed reading this blog this morning.
    I am going to look for beauty in the little things around me.

  3. Love your ideas! We upcycled some old ceiling pannels with some trim and made a display board. You can see it here:


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