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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I am Thankful For...

I'll tell y'all, I was good up until about midnight on October 31st, then it registered that it was November,  N-o-v-e-m-b-e-r?........ Thanksgiving, then Christmas, oh my! My mind began to uncontrollably race, menu plans, tablescapes, house cleaning thoughts were dancing through my head. I began to receive e-mail after e-mail from stores urging me to get my home holiday ready. Oh dear, yes, my home needed lots of fluffing, or did it? Can you relate?

That was the moment that I began to think, really think and realize that I had to slow it all down, waaaaaaay down.

It's so easy for us to lose focus and forget what Thanksgiving is all about, being thankful, grateful for all we have. That requires us to be fully in the moment. Fretting over menus, and decor is a surefire recipe for disaster. No one will remember if the paint was peeling on my shutters or if I didn't mop my floors or if the light bulb's out in the hall. But, they will remember my grateful spirit and my hospitable heart.

I think this post is more for me than you friends. I really needed the reminder to slow it all down and re-focus my efforts before I get carried away in the frenzy.  I desire to fully enjoy this Thanksgiving season and embrace all it's goodness, and I plan to accomplish this by first looking up to the heavens and thanking God for clarity.

From our home to yours, have a most blessed Thanksgiving.

XO Amy - The Little Farm Diary


  1. Yes!!! It's great to see other people relax and just enjoy the holiday before us. Sometimes I feel like, if I'm not making Christmas lists and planning my Black Friday excursion, then I'm not normal. I'm too "Little House on the Prairie". Even though written for you, it helps me also. It helps me every time I don't feel crazy because other women are being peaceful and enjoying every minute, too.

  2. Very wise plan.

    It is such a blessing just getting to be with those you love during the holiday. Good food comes in second. Housecleaning, third.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    :) Hope

  3. Amen! Family and friends are so important and being in the moment is something to be treasured! For Thanksgiving Day embrace the time with loved ones.


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