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Thursday, January 14, 2016

4 Tips For Buying Discount Bread...

Morning friends! I know that we do not all have the time to sit in the kitchen rolling out loaves of bread or making every meal from scratch. I totally get that because you know what...I feel like that sometimes too. Depending on what is going on in my life, things can get super chaotic. That is when a few "saving graces" can really help your mama sanity. One of those saving graces is knowing where to get discount bread. In the summer, when it is so dang hot, I rarely make bread. I buy it. Also when life is getting crazy, I buy bread. I don't think frugal living has to carry a heavy burden. You can still save money and live a life of thrift without making yourself crazy.

Today I thought I would share a few tips I follow when buying bread. These help me to know I am truly getting a good deal and not compromising quality for quantity.

1. Know where to buy bread 

I know that 99 cent loaf at Wal-Mart looks like a great deal, but if you read the ingredient list you may be whistling a different tune. I have found I can find bread for just as cheap, but get a lot more quality. Some great places to buy discounted bread are at Big Lots, The 99 Cent Store, bread outlet stores, and the clearance section of your grocery store. All of these places should offer some pretty great deals. I personally shop at Big Lots for my bread. I prefer this over the dollar store because I am not tempted to purchase other things as well. I can go into the store with blinders on, only purchase bread, and go about my day. For some reason the dollar stores prevent me from doing that. :) I just have no self control there, so I take away the temptation all together. Look up in your city directory for a discount bread store near you. You may be surprised by what you find.

Big lots sells all kinds of bread items. From simple loaves, to bagels and English muffins. I also see bread for dietary restrictions too, so don't let allergies keep you from trying out discounted bread.

2. Know when the bread is delivered

I know that my store delivers on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Knowing when the delivery times are allow me to plan my trips accordingly. If I dropped in on a Saturday, I am less likely to find what I need. If I stop in on a Tuesday or Thursday morning, I know I'll have some pretty great luck. I usually spend under $20 for a month of bread products. 

3. Look for quality 

One thing I like about getting discounted bread, is that the bread is usually those good brands I wouldn't normally be able to buy. I can't spend close to $4 a loaf for bread. That doesn't fit into my budget. Less than $2 and then were talking. I am always able to find Orowheat whole wheat and 12 grain bread. I also like to get Thomas bagels. We love our everything bagels! Big Lots also just started carrying Eureka bread, which is fantastic. I love all the seeds and stuff they use. Yummy! Read labels and look to see what is in the bread you are buying. Just because we are trying to stay on a budget, doesn't mean we have to sacrifice the quality of the food we are buying.

4. Stock up and freeze 

Remember how I am a firm believer that the less time we spent in a store, the better? Because of this, I only go to Big lots once a month. I stock up on enough bread to last a full month. I purchase bagels, loaves of bread, and sometimes buns if they have them. Bread keeps great in the freezer. Simply thaw on the counter when you're ready to use it. You also save time by not making frequent trips. 

So there you have it...four easy tips to make buying bread a better experience for you. So if you don't like to make bread or don't have time, don't fret. You can still shop on a budget and save your family money :)

XO Danielle


  1. I'm with you on this one. My local Giant Supermarket puts their store brand white bread on sale at $.99 per loaf pretty frequently. When I see this, I buy a bunch of loaves and freeze them. My family prefers the store bought white for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so I like to have some on hand.

  2. Hey Danielle, Do you have any tips for freezing then thawing bread?

  3. Last year we were given a bread machine and it has been fantastic! We make a very simple whole wheat and honey bread that I can set everything up the night before and wake up to fresh bread in the morning. (Best smell ever!!)

    Before that though we used to buy our bread at a discount store. Often there were coupons in local books like The Entertainment Book or they would offer a coupon on their Facebook page. They even teamed up with Groupon a few times and we came home with 21 loaves each time of high quality bread for under $10! Deals are definitely there to be found!

  4. Bread discount stores ROCK! Typically we don't pay more than $1 a loaf, and that is the premium type bread (Brooklyn rye, English muffins, etc). Last time we bought bread @ regular store it was a real shock.

  5. I've found the best way to thaw frozen bread is on a cooling rack to provide air circulation It seems to improve the texture of the bottom of the loaf which I've found can be thick and dry when thawed flat on the counter.


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