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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

6 Tips for Making Fabulous Digital Scrapbook Pages...

This past week I have been a scrapping tornado. We had a few rainy days here and Libby had her braces tightened, so this past week was spent being super relaxed at home and giving her plenty of Tylenol for those sore chompers. 

With all that time at home, I had the perfect opportunity to get some scrapbooking done. I am so proud of myself friends. I started in my "2012" pictures and I am already at May. Yeah me! My goal of having us caught up by August (when baby Wagasky makes his/her debut) is looking pretty good right about now :)

As I was working through my pictures, I started thinking of a few tips and tricks that have been helping me stay organized and creative. Today I am sharing those tips and a few of the pages I completed :)

1. Make sure to label and date every page. We may think our memory is fantastic, but remember that you will be looking at these pages years from now and as time goes on, our memories fade. Dating my pages had made it very easy to keep the timeline straight. It also helps me make sure to stay organized. I naturally upload my pictures into folders that are dated on my computer. This really helps when I go back to scrapbook later on. I've been doing this since 2004 (the year Keagan was born). This has made scrapbooking so much easier because the date is already there for me on my pictures.

2. Add details. Make sure to include places and people. I was looking at an old scrapbook the other day. It was a page of a surprise baby shower that was thrown for me after Libby was born. The ladies at church threw it. These are ladies I didn't remember the names of, but once I read the scrapbook page, it was like old times. Having the names included, sparked an instant memory and it was so fun to think back lovingly on those sweet friends, who showed me so much love and encouragement many years ago.

3. Include the names of kiddos and family members in the pictures. This is for the same reason as what I explained in number 2. Just because you have the date and say "I'll know that this is -insert name-", memory can fail us. Take the guessing out. It also helps whoever else is looking at our albums. My kids love to look through them and think of the stories Mom and Dad have shared with them. Having the names and info already there on the page, helps them to keep the stories and memories straight.

4. Save the little things. I went through one scrapbook where I had created a pocket for birthday cards. It is right next to all the pictures from Libby's first birthday. I also have another page where I traced Keagan's hands when he turned five. I then had everyone who came to his party sign the page. It is really neat to look back on it. Oh I also saved all of Libby's ultrasound photos. They are in a little envelope on a scrapbook page. What a neat thing it was to show her what she looked like in the womb. It kinda blew her mind and freaked her out. She thought she looked like an alien baby. Haha! Now if I could only find Keagan's ultrasound pictures....then we'd be golden ;) Little pieces of artwork, baby's first haircut, etc are also great things to include. These are all little things you can incorporate into memory pages. They'll be really neat to look back on years later.

5. Document all the firsts. We don't have to only scrapbook the first time our kids lost a tooth or walked, there are other firsts as well! As I was looking through pictures to scrapbook, I realized I had taken pictures of when Libby first learned how to braid hair. I remembered how I taught her and was able to journal about it. What a fun thing to remember! 

6. Don't be too quick to buy digital scrapbooking kits. I know it is tempting...especially when you take a few minutes to browse through etsy. People are seriously so talented and sell so many great kits. Although there is so much out there for sale, there is also a lot of there you can download for free. Some of my favorite places to find free digital goodies is from Shabby Princess and Sweet Shoppe Designs. There are a ton of kits you can download and they are so stinkin cute! I also found a few on Kate Hadfield Designs. She has more things for sale, than are free, but I wanted to include hers too because all her stuff is super cute. I think for my birthday I am going to be asking for some cute kits from her. I love all the clipart! 

So there you have it. The six tips and tricks that have really been helping me work on this new goal for 2016. I am slowly, but surely going through my photos. It has been such a fun time to look back and think about my kiddos and this sweet family of mine. I don't know if it is pregnancy hormones or what, but I find myself tearing up as  think of all the fun stuff we've done as a family. God has truly blessed me immensely.

Now I know a few of you are joining me on this challenge to get caught up with our pictures. Whether it be using photoshop, Project Life, etc....let me know what other tips you have to share. What are your favorite items or downloads? How do you make time for scrapping? Let me know friends :)

XO Danielle


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