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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Case Lot Sale at Smith's: What I Stocked Up On.....

Morning lovelies! Today I am sharing all the good stuff I got at the Smith's case lot sale here in Henderson last week. We stocked up on some fun stuff and I am excited to show you. I even took a video to show you where we are storing it and some creative ways we will be using our caned goods this year. Be sure to check it out all out :)

Apple Juice @ $12.00 each

We saved $27.04 by buying this in bulk. We bought two cases, which each have 8 bottles of apple juice in them. I'm hoping these last us a few months.

Canned Pears @ $21.60 each

We saved $9.36 by buying these in bulk. I only bought one case of these, since we already had two cases in food storage. We love to use these as a side dish, in smoothies, in fruit salad, and for baking.

Canned Peaches @ $21.60 each

We saved $9.36 by buying these in bulk. I only bought one case of these, since we already had two cases in foo storage. We love to use these as a side dish, in fruit salad, in smoothies, and for baking. Peach dump cake is a favorite of ours. I just made it recently using this recipe :)

Campbell Soup @ $12.00 each

I bought two cases of these. One in hearty chicken noodle soup and the other in New England Clam Chowder. Both are my family's favorites! You get 12 cans of soup to a case, which makes them $1 a piece. These soups make for quick lunches or dinners, when mama doesn't want to cook. These are a perfect pantry staple to have. Oh I also like to have canned soups on hand for when cold season strikes. It definitely helps out this mama when I am dealing with sick littles. We saved $8 on each case of soup.

Canned Mandarin Oranges @ 50 cents a piece

They didn't have these packed in cases, so I had to buy them individually. I ended up clearing their shelf of lite canned mandarin oranges. That came out to 14 cans of oranges. I like the lite canned (which I also bought in the peaches and pears) because it is not canned in a heavy syrup, but actual fruit juice. The sugar content is about half of what it would be packed in syrup. We use these oranges in fruit salad, as a side dish, for a snack, to top salads with, and in baking. 

Angel Hair Pasta @ $1 each

We saved .49 cents on each package of pasta. I only bought 2 packages. We already had two in our pantry. This amount of pasta will last us a month of two. We are not huge pasta eaters, so this is a perfect amount for my family. If you are big pasta eaters, take advantage of sales like these and stock up. Pasta is a great pantry item to stock up on.  

Cake Mix @ $1 each

I saved .39 cents on each of these. I only bought six. Two I will be using for Miss Priss's birthday cake this month (she's requested an Oreo cake) and the other four are for quick treats, when I don't have enough time to make something from scratch. 

Kroger Instant Oatmeal @ $1.39

We saved .28 cents per box. I bought four boxes to have in food storage. I love these because the kids can quickly make them in the microwave. Mama is not needed to supervise at the stove :)

Canned Mushrooms @ 69. cents each

This was another item that was part of the case lot sale, but they did not have them packaged in a case. I had to clear the shelf of canned mushrooms. We've been out of these for quite a while. We try to use fresh when we can, but having veggies in our pantry, for those times when we don't have fresh or the fresh price is not a good one, allows us to stretch our budget a bit further. I bought 24 cans of mushrooms. We saved .20 cents on each one. That's a savings of $4.80. More money in my pocket always make me happier.

All together we spent $128. 32. and we saved $75.05. That's $75 that now can stay in our pockets and go towards other goals my family is working towards. 

Here's a video tour of where I am storing my case lot goodies and some more fun tips and tricks. 

Enjoy friends!!

XO Danielle

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