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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas Morning...

This Christmas season was full of so many memories. We baked treats, visited friends and family, and shared a lot of time together. On Christmas morning Libby woke up at 6 am. Mom and Dad were still sleeping and so was big brother. She was able to hold off for a full 30 minutes before she bounded into our bedroom exclaiming that it was Christmas. Once Mom and Dad pulled themselves out of bed, we let her go wake her brother up. He was surprised he had "slept in". When you are 11, and it is Christmas, you consider 6:45 AM "sleeping in" :)

The kids opened their gifts. I have a rule we must be calm and slow when we do presents. I always want to make sure they are taking it all in and not only reading tags (so they know who gave them the gift), but also cherishing the moments they are in. Christmas is something we look forward to for weeks and it can be over in a matter of moments. 

We talked about the real reason we celebrate. The gift of a Savior and how His birth changed our lives forever. It is something we talked about throughout the day. I wanted to remind not just them, but myself as well. God is truly marvelous and I am so thankful for His son!

The rest of Christmas morning was spent putting Legos together, playing with their new tablets, and then heading to Nana and Papas for presents and pancakes (those were dang yummy Dad).

In the afternoon, we came home and both Mom and Dad were bushed. Jason and I took naps, while the kids played. Then the rest of the evening was spent watching movies and playing games. 

It was actually a really relaxing day. One that I am so thankful for. I am thankful for being in the moment. Children truly make the holidays a brighter time.

I am thankful for the birth of a Savior, a little babe who changed our lives for the better. What a blessed thing that is to celebrate. 

XO Danielle 


  1. Happy Christmas Danielle - wishing you and your beautiful family a happy and healthy 2016. Keep up the good work - I love reading your posts! xx

  2. Wondering what kind of tablet you choose. Do they share of did they each get one? I'm trying to decide if I go the tablet route or something smaller like an iPod touch in the future.

    1. We did Amazon fire tablets. They're typically $50, but on Thanksgiving day they were $35. Great starter tablets for kids and you can't beat that price. We got one for each of them :)

  3. Our kids got the tablets too, but from the grandparents. I bought them each their own bibles this year, their first ever.
    We also kept a 'gratitude jar' all year and read all the things we were grateful for on New Years Day. That was fun!

    1. I love the idea of a gratitude jar. What a neat idea!

  4. What a lovely Christmas.. How wonderful you put Christ in Christmas.. Such a blessed time. The kids are adorable, and know they enjoyed the day. Hope you and your family have a blessed 2016,
    Missed your blog post, but so happy you had a fun time off.

    1. I missed being here too. I'm so happy to be back to writing and sharing again :)


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