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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Traditions and Digital Scrapbooking...

Morning lovelies! Yesterday I spent a little too much time on the scrapbooking page above. I was digging through stuff on my laptop and came across all my digital scrapbooking goodies. It's been years, since I have dabbled in any kind of scrapbooking and I kind of got nostalgic. I use to be so good at keeping our pictures journaled and together in binders. When I was much younger I did actual paper scrapbooking. I have books of pictures...from my wedding to Keagan and Libby's first few years. I basically kept things going until Libby was three and stopped. Life got busy, Hubby had a few deployments, we moved a few times, and my scrapbooking days were left behind.

The other day the kids were going through some of those old scrapbooks and asked where the rest were. I thought to myself... "Yeah Danielle where are they?" I want to be able to capture those memories and be able to have them documented for my littles to see years later. A lot is journaled here on the blog, but there is something about getting those pictures off of the computer and actually printed for all to see. So now I have a new goal for the new year. I really want to work on a few pages a month... or more... depending on time. I would love to have a book or two printed by the end of the year, so that our family pictures are actually printed for my kids to enjoy.

When we look at pictures, we are able to share stories and memories. I love when we talk about these memories. We laugh, we joke, and have a really good time. I am really going to try this year to be able to create some of those pages, so we have more story starters for the kids to enjoy. Anyone else into digital scrapbooking and want to join me? I am using Picmonkey to create my pages, but am curious what all of you use and what your favorite goodies are for scrapbooking?

Let me know friends. I am excited for this new creative adventure and more opportunities to document this cute little family I have been blessed with.

Oh and our Christmas tradition of making gingerbread houses is still going strong. This is our 13th year doing it. We started when Hubby and I were dating and try to have our kiddos now do it every year. This year we got together with friends and made some pretty stellar houses. Love this time of year and sweet family traditions!

XO Danielle 
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