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Saturday, January 2, 2016


It feels like forever since I have sat down at this laptop. It's been weeks friends and although the break was needed, I have found myself thinking of you all and this little blog often. When I stand at the sink and wash dishes, I think of the things I'd love to sit down and write about. When I finish my daily scripture study, I think of a verse or two I've wanted to share. There have been so many moments I have been itching to share, but not the time to sit down and actually get them all out. I was excited today, when I saw that their was nothing but peace and calm planned for the day. I literally planned that friends :) I knew that I needed some simple calm, after the holidays and all the fun that was had.

I have actually been craving calm. I've been craving the peace that is brought to my heart when I am able to sit down and think...sit down and type....sit down and journal this season of life we are in.

I have really been thinking about all that I want to accomplish in this New Year. You know me friends...I am a goal oriented person. I like to make plans and to see myself attain them. Lately, as I think of this coming year, one word has come to mind. It has been Simplify. An eight letter word that will describe my life in 2016.

I am so excited for the blessings this word has already brought into my life. Saying no to busyness and keeping things simple, has allowed me more time at home. More time at home to be with that hubby of mine and those red heads....more time to sit here at this laptop and journal the happenings of our days....more time to find quiet with my Lord and Savior.

I am thankful for this New Year and for the thoughts Heavenly Father is placing on my heart. I can't wait to share some of them with you.....

For now I will leave you with the pictures of a home, which has put Christmas away. The shelves have been dusted, the pillows fluffed. My home does not always look like this. Usually it is very lived read the "VERY" part right?  I love the lived in look, but this I enjoyed a bit of calm before the house awoke, I enjoyed this view. These couches, those pillows, that rocking chair that use to be my hubby's grandfathers. I love our little space and am so thankful to keep things simple and find peace in this new year. 

XO Danielle 


  1. I love the pictures of your home - truly comfy and homey. I can tell this is a place your family loves! May 2016 bring you and your family many good things!

  2. The pictures of your home capture exactly what a home is. A refuge from the busyness of the world. A place of family & relaxation. Thanks for sharing! God bless you & your family in 2016.

    1. and may God bless your family as well. Thank you for your kind words :)

  3. I completely agree with you and your view on busyness. Tornadoes hit so close the day after Christmas and it has been so wonderful to see area young people and students working to help families that have lost so much.

    1. What a beautiful thing to see that. I love seeing communities coming together. It warms my heart.


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