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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Canning Pineapples...

Tonight I am sitting back and enjoying my view of Mason jars filled with chopped pineapples. Oh how those yellow chunks make this mama so happy.

Canning pineapples is one of the first things I learned to can. My sisinlaw and I learned at the same time. We were very eager to fill our pantry shelves with homemade goods.

That was a few years ago. I canned so much pineapple that first night, I haven't needed it since. Now that we were finally running low, I decided to take advantage of Bountiful Basket's add ons and order a case to can. I went in with a friend, which kept our cost down. I only wanted to add about ten jars to my food storage, since my family does not go through pineapples as quickly as other fruit.
We paid $14.50 for one case of pineapples. It was 22 lbs. My friend and I each paid $7.25 for the case. We were able to get 21 jars from those pineapples, making each pint only cost 69 cents. She took home 10 and I took home 11.

We raw packed our pineapple chunks into hot, sterilized jars. I sterilized my jars in the oven like last time. We then poured hot water over the raw pineapples, added the lids and rings, and processed them in a water bath for 15 minutes.

We did three batches, which gave us plenty of time to chat. That's why I love canning with a friend. You can catch up and it makes it go ten times faster.

You can do your pineapples in a syrup, but we wanted to keep it simple. I also liked not adding extra sugar to my fruit.

We will now use our pineapples in various recipes. The next time Bountiful Baskets has pineapples I might stock up again and purchase some for the freezer. I sure do like having them in smoothies and my freezer fruit is dwindling.

I love being able to stock my pantry with yummy food my family will enjoy. Canning has become a labor of love and a huge blessing in my life.

I have plans to do jam and pancake syrup in the upcoming weeks. I'll be sure to journal it here on the blog when I do.

Have a fantastic day friends!!

XO Danielle
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