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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Decluttering in 2016: The Shoe Rack...

Last week I shared my new project for 2016. It's all about decluttering and getting rid of all of our excess. Back in December, when I started this project, I knew I needed to start off small. I can sometimes get easily overwhelmed by projects, so starting off small was key to keep this project constantly moving forward. I decided to pick small spaces throughout the house to work on. The first spot I picked was my shoe rack. Shoe organization has always been hard for me. My Mom loves shoes and I inherited that love. My favorites are ballet flats and flip flops. I live in these all year long. Over the past few years I have grown quite a collection of shoes. I had shoes in all kinds of styles and colors. The only problem was I didn't wear all of them half as much as I should. I even had some I had received as past Christmas or birthday gifts that I still hadn't worn. I gravitated to a few of my favorites, while the other ones were left unworn.

As I took inventory of what I had and what I wore, I realized I was housing shoes that I wasn't using. We all have our everyday favorites, then we have our fancy favorites and such. I looked through each pair and thought about when I last wore them and what outfits I had that could coordinate. I wanted every single pair of shoes to earn it's spot in my shoe rack. I was able to donate quite a pile of shoes.

This is what I was left with. I was so happy to finally have space in that shoe rack. I have committed myself to keeping my amount of shoes to only this shoe rack. No extra baskets in the closet or next to my door.

It feels good to finally have my shoes down to the ones I really love. No more looking through dozens of pairs, trying to find the right match. I have a simple collection, which means getting dressed is simpler too. I am all about keeping things simple these days :)

How have you guys been doing with your decluttering? Where are you going to start first?

XO Danielle
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