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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Decluttering in 2016....

Now that the news is out about our big move coming up in a few months, I can now share my new project. I started this one around Christmas time, knowing that some type of move was in my family's near future. Originally I thought it would just be a move to another home here in the Henderson or Vegas area...little did I know God had very different plans for us. With us now moving out of state, I have an even bigger drive to keep my project under way and moving forward. My lovingly call my project..."Project Dejunk" It has become a focus of mine, so that I can rid my family of some of the excess we have accumulated and free us from all the things that weigh us down.

My desire to dejunk started back in December, when I was talking to a dear friend. I mentioned it in this video, when I shared a minimalist book I was reading. I am so enamored with the minimalist life style and totally feel that is where I am being called to refocus. I have found that the more I dejunk, the lighter I feel. We have less stuff to keep track of and less stuff to clean. That's a win win for this mama. Anything that cuts down on daily cleaning is alright in my book. Anyone else feel the same?

I have started off small....focusing on small sections of my home. I pick a new spot each week and try to deep clean it and declutter. We have brought many loads to our local Savers and have been racking up the coupons. Our local thrift store gives us 30 percent off coupons every time we donate. I've been using these coupons to then score some goodies for baby Tallia. We've already been able to save quite a bit from purchasing her baby wardrobe second hand.

I've been taking pictures to document my progress, as I work through our home cleaning and bagging unwanted things. I plan to share that journey here on the blog. I hope it will encourage all of you to maybe look around and see what you are not using. I love to remind myself that if I haven't used it in the past year, I probably don't need it and someone else can probably use it. Some larger an extra dresser in my bedroom, I was able to sell for $60. That was then money hubby and I put into savings to put towards stuff our family may need in the big move. We also sold some other goodies, which Hubby and I used the profits to enjoy a date night. Facebook has some great yard sale pages for my area. I bet they have some for your area as well. Check it out. You never know what you can find. Facebook has become a wealth of goodies to either receive encouragement or make a few dollars.

So now you know about my new project, anyone want to join in with me? We can all declutter in 2016 and make our lives a but simpler. Who's game?

XO Danielle
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