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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gender reveal, a name for baby, and some changes...

Good morning lovelies! I have to start out this post by first thanking you for all of your sweet comments and emails. Anytime I am away from B and D for a bit, you always send me sweet encouraging messages. You friends always know how to make my heart full. Life has been pretty busy lately, with a lot of changes to boot, so I thought we were in need of an updated life post. Over the past month we've found out the gender of our baby to be, given he/she a name, and had some prayers answered in regards to hubby's job and future. God has truly been busy with our family lately.

To start off, I am so excited to announce that a few weeks ago my Mom, the kids, and I went to have our gender reveal ultrasound. Hubby couldn't make it due to his work schedule, but we brought home  a video for him to watch. Are you so ready to hear what were having???.....drum roll please......da da da that even how you type out the sound a drum makes? I'm not sure, but you get the geist right?

We are having a baby girl! Libby has been on team girl, since day one. She was jumping up and down in the ultrasound room when we got the confirmation. My red headed girl has been over the moon with the news of having a sister and roommate. We've already picked out matching bedding ;) Hopefully she still feels this much joy a few years from now when baby girl is getting into all of her stuff. Haha!

Hubby and I always like to name our little ones, once we find out their gender. We had a girl and boy name picked out beforehand. Our boy name will stay in our back pocket for hopeful other babies that will join our family in the future. We have plans for many more little ones, God willing of course :) For this little nugget though, her name will be Tallia Renn Wagasky. Hubby came up with Tallia. It is pronounced Tall-ee-ah. Its a Hebrew name. The middle name was actually chosen by Keagan. One night he came to me with a list of names for the baby. He had been super nonchalant about the whole pregnancy up to this point. The fact that he sat down and thought up names, warmed my mama heart. I knew I wanted to pick one of his choices. Renn was the winner. It is after a Star Wars character. We tweaked the spelling a bit. He's pretty excited to be able to say he helped name his new baby sister.

So now we are just relishing in the fact we have a new baby girl joining our family in about 20+ weeks. When I look back on the last two years and the journey we've had with infertility, tears come to my eyes. You all have come along with me on that journey. It has been a hard, emotional trip....but this little bean was worth every single ounce of heartache. I can't wait to meet Miss Tallia in just a few short months.

Now onto a bit of news for Hubby. In early January, Hubby was feeling drawn to apply for jobs outside of Nevada. His dream job has always been to work with the military or federal government again. He loves computers, network security, and is working towards being a network engineer. This guy has big dreams and I am so proud of how hard he has been pushing himself to attain these dreams. He's a rock star in my book :)

In February he started putting his application out there. We weren't sure what would come of it, but we knew that Heavenly Father had some different plans for our family. I too felt that he was leading us out of state. He was going to take us on an adventure and I know his plans for us are always good ones.

Then it was March...I remember one night getting down on my knees and saying a prayer I had said many times before. I prayed that whatever job God had in store for Jason,  he would be lead to it. We had given God control over where out family's future would be and we were just waiting to see that unfold. The next day Hubby got a call from a possible job prospect. It almost seemed too good to be true. It was his dream job. A job that would give him more knowledge, more experience, and more opportunities in the future. We waited as hubby went through the interview process. This past week he got the news that he had got the job. We cheered and danced around. God is truly amazing!

The job is in Arizona and starts in just a few short weeks. Hubby will go ahead, while the kids and I stay behind. He will go back and forth during the month. I already have a midwife, who I love, and I really wanted to be here to have this baby. I'm having a home-birth and with this being my first birth at home, I wanted to have people around me I trust hubby, my mom, and of course my midwife. Once Miss Tallia arrives, we will join Hubby in Arizona.

So lots of changes are happening for our family in the upcoming months. I am so thankful for God's hand in our life and to have him leading our ship. He never steers us in the wrong direction.

I am hoping to make some more time to hop on here and write. I have so many post ideas on my heart, I just need to sit down and get them out. I do have a fun recipe for tomorrow and then I will try to be back on Monday.

I hope you are all having a beautiful week!

XO Danielle 
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