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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Oreo Bundt Birthday Cake...

In January we celebrated Libby's ninth birthday. For her birthday, she requested an oreo cake. I shared it originally on instagram here. I believe I made a few empty promises of sharing the recipe the following week, but life happened and here I am months later finally get around to it. Sorry friends :)

Originally she wanted a cake from the store, but I was trying to steer her away from something store bought and onto something homemade. We went to the store and got the goodies to make her own oreo cake. Once she saw she could have a hand in making it, she was on board with homemade.

We made a chocolate boxed mix cake and baked it in a bundt pan. The key to baking with a bundt pan, is to make sure you generously grease the pan. This helps to prevent it from sticking in the pan when you go to invert it.  

Once it was cooled, I topped it with my five minute buttercream frosting. We used one package of oreos. Half of it we crushed in a gallon bag for sprinkling. The other half we cut into halves and placed on top of the cake. This cake was seriously so simple to assemble. I used the leftover oreos and frosting to top an additional chocolate 9x13 cake. I wanted to make sure we had enough cake for all of our family and friends that came to help us celebrate Libby's birthday. I am glad I made an extra cake because with 20+ people at our house we gobbled up all that cake.

I love simple cakes like this. They look like they took you forever, but in actuality they take very little time at all. They are also great when little hands want to help. 

XO Danielle
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