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Friday, March 25, 2016

Reflecting and a Bit of Scrapbooking....

This past weekend I spent some time working on my digital scrapbooking. I am really trying hard to make a little time each week to create pages. It is such a fun little bit of me time. This past weekend, Libby sewed and I scrapbooked......The boy played on the computer and dad napped. It was definitely a relaxing Sunday afternoon. We listened to music and chatted, while we all (minus dad) worked on little projects.

As I worked on some of Keagan's baby pages, I was caught emotionally off guard. I always get a little weepy eyed when I go through my kiddos pictures, but this time was especially weepy. I can't believe how much time has gone by and all the memories we have made. As I created pages for Keagan's first Christmas and his blessing day, I was reminded of my pregnancy. Jason and I were really newlyweds. We were married in November and found out in February we would be welcoming a little baby by the end of the year. 

I always am in amazement at the Lord's timing. Just a few weeks after Jason and I were married, I felt very strongly that we needed to start our family. I remember struggling with this prompting for a few weeks. I mean I was a newlywed. Weren't you suppose to wait a year or so before having babies? I was confused by what Heavenly Father was asking me. I also wasn't sure what my sweet hubby would say. I remember being in the car and springing my news on him. Want to know the weird thing? He wasn't surprised by my personal revelation. He had been struggling with the same prompting. We decided that God must be leading us down this path for a reason. We gave control to him. We knew he could plan our family much better than we could. A month later we were pregnant.

I look at my not so little guy now....he's 11 guys! What?! I know that God's timing is perfect always. This sweet boy was suppose to come to earth exactly when he did. He made me a Mom and during some really hard times, while Jason was deployed, this boy gave me the strength to get up each day and live life. I am thankful for sweet reminders of God's hand in our lives. I am thankful for a Father in Heaven who offers his amazing guidance. Wonderful things happen when we allow him to lead us.

How are you guys doing with your scrapbooking projects? I've been printing mine out at Costco and placing them in 8x10 sheet protectors. How do you guys store your pages?

Here are some past posts on my digital scrapbooking journey this year :)

XO Danielle

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  1. I love looking at old picture of when my kids were little- such great memories and conversion starters.

    We do a family blog book each year as I found I was falling way too far behind on scrapbooking.


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