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Monday, April 4, 2016

Easter Scrapbook Pages...

Oh how I love this sweet family of mine. We had such a fun time celebrating Easter last weekend with family. I was gushing over all the cute pictures...and the fact we actually got a decent family picture...I came home from our day and scrapbooked our pictures right away. I love it when the inspiration bug hits you and you just have to create. 

*I also have a typo in one of my pages. I had to rock a sad face for a few minutes, but now I am moving on. Dang typos get me every time :) 

I've been really sticking to getting my scrapbooking updated. It's been so fun picking up new pages each week or so (I order mine from Costco). The kids love seeing what pages I've done and who they are of. Right now I am trying to do a lot of Keagan's baby stuff. Oh my goodness that boy was an adorable baby. I gush over those cheeks and bright blue eyes! I still can't believe he is going to be a teen in just a few short years. How did that happen? Haha!

I recently ordered a few goodies from Amazon to help me with keeping my scrapbooking organized. I'll try to share that haul tomorrow, but for now I must go start our day. Hubby is on his way to Arizona and this mama's heart is a wee bit sad. Good thing I have my red heads to keep me busy. We have a full day of school ahead of us. Wish me luck ;)

Have a fabulous Monday friends!!

How have you guys been doing with your projects?

Oh and I've been scoring a lot of FREE scrapbooking goodies over on Sweet Shoppe Designs-  You can download free sample packs. Their stuff is so dang cute! 

XO Danielle

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  1. I love your posts. What do you use to make your digital scrapbook pages. They are so cute. I'm expecting a baby as well and I'm getting super excited I'd like to do a few pages a week for this baby. I'm not sure I want a bunch of supplies to haul around so I'm thinking I might do better with the digital format.


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