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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Finishing the Season...

Oh this sweet boy! I found this gem as I was searching through my pictures from March. This boy has been trying all sorts of new things this past year. He has really pushed himself out of his comfort zones. He is not a naturally athletic person, but he really wanted to try sports this year. He started with soccer. He had never played organized sports before and really had no experience playing even for fun. I told you sports were not really his thing right? He didn't let that stop him. He was a quick learner and was very determined to grasp the rules.

I love seeing my kids attempt something hard and continue on. There were days where he would get frustrated, seeing skills come much easier to other boys on the team. He never let that get in the way. He kept on and tried his very best. He was always the encourager, never letting that smile of his fade.

remember one soccer game in particular, where boys from the opposing team were cursing and calling names to Keagan and his teammates. As his teammates got annoyed with the words that were being thrown at them, my sweet boy encouraged them to ignore the words and believe in themselves. Moments like these make my heart so happy. 

Another sweet memory I have of his time playing soccer was during one of his practices. His team had to run laps because one of the players wasn't paying attention when the coach was talking. My Bubba jogged each and every lap without complaining. He wasn't the fact he was dead last, but when others complained it was too hard, he kept on. He jogged his little heart out and was able to prove to himself that he could do hard things.

He rounded out his adventure in sports with basketball. His one goal was to score a basket. He made many attempts, but to no avail. Finally in the last game of the season, he was up for a penalty shot. I had my toes crossed and my fingers. I wanted so bad for him to get a basket. His first attempt bounced off the rim. He had one more chance friends.....and guess what? He made it. That second attempt ended with nothing but net. I don't know if Hubby and I have ever cheered so loud. We loved seeing him accomplish something he had worked towards all season.

I am so thankfull for this sweet boy of mine and his beautiful heart. He really has a heart of a giant. He is my teddy benevolent encourager. God has big plans for this boy....I am sure of it.

XO Danielle


  1. What a wonderful attitude he has. GOOD FOR HIM. I am glad he found something to challenge him and he went for it. Too often today kids give up too easily. Congrats to him and to you too.


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