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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March Amazon Haul...

Good morning lovelies! Today I thought I would hop on here and show you how we are saving with our monthly Amazon hauls. Now I wanted to start off by sharing the fact I DO NOT have an Amazon Prime account. I have tried it in the past, but we did not renew our membership when it expired. We have found that we can still take advantage of the savings and get free shipping by being smart about the way we can shop.

When I am getting ready for an Amazon shopping trip, I make sure that I reach my minimum for free shipping. Currently on Amazon that is $49, when you do not have Amazon Prime.  I may not get it in two days, like you do with Amazon Prime, but I'm ok with that. I plan ahead and usually get my shipments within a week of ordering them. Throughout the month, when I think of things that need to be ordered, I save them to my cart until I reach my minimum. This is how I am able to guarantee I receive free shipping and save my family money on my purchases.

I placed three orders in the month of March.  On my first order I spent $53.07. We restocked a bunch of our homeschool craft supplies with this one. The second time I ordered, I grabbed some things for our new baby girl. We are slowly purchasing things for baby, as we see them on sale. This helps spread out the cost over a few months and help us save a bit as well. That second order total was $119.49. The third and final order for March came out to $45.36. I used points from my Amazon Credit Card, which saved us over $8.

We do have an Amazon Credit Card. We have it linked to our kindle accounts and our amazon account. We purchase our hauls on there and pay them off at the end of the month. This allows us to build up points. This is a great way to make the credit card work for you. Just be careful. We have had a lot of practice with self control towards our credit cards. We pay them off at the end of each month, so we do not build up extra interests or monthly payments. I do not place an order, unless I know I have the cash in my checking account. Be smart when you use credit cards friends. 

Below is everything we ordered in March. I hope this helps give you an idea about another way to shop smart and save your family money and time. Remember that every penny saved, means more stays in your pocket. I also love the time saved with online shopping. That means more time with my cute family and less stress for this mama :)

Avery 4 inch Binder - I ordered Black

We ordered four of these this month, each in a different color. Hopefully we'll be able to keep track of everyone's headphones now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one :)

I ordered two of these

Scotch Tape @ $ 1.89 each
I ordered 6 of these. I swear we go through tape like crazy! 

I ordered 6 of these to restock our homeschool glue shelf.

Pink Yarn @ $2.88
I  snagged this one to work on some baby blankets for Miss Tallia. 
I can't wait to share the finished products with you.

I ordered 6 of these, in different colors. We are slowly getting our supply of cloth diapers together for Miss Tallia. These things are so dang cute. I can't wait to start using them.

We put this in Libby's Easter basket.

Gremlins DVD @$3.99
We added this to our movie collection this month. We bought it for an 80's themed movie night we had with family this past month. The kids loved it!

For everything this month I spent a total of 

First Order- $53.07

Second Order- $119.49

Third Order- $45.36 *

*I used points from my Amazon card. I saved an additional $8.41

In total I spent $217.92 on my Amazon purchases for the month of March.

I was able to get stuff for baby girl, restock some homeschool essentials, purchase an Easter gift for Libby, and get some other much needed items for my scrapbooking project.

I also compared prices with the local places I shop at. I also take into account the gas saved by shopping at home and the benefit of no impulse purchases in the store. 

Oh and Libby also placed an order of her own (we'll I placed it for her, but you know what I mean). She's been saving for a while for these babies.

Monster High Bed @ $18.99

She compared the prices to Wal-Mart and found she could get a better deal if she ordered from Amazon. I love my little deal seeker :)

What did you guys stock up on this pas month?

XO Danielle

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