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Friday, April 29, 2016

New Digs....

Morning friends! Have you all noticed the new digs around these parts? I spent last weekend completely revamping the ole' bog and youtube channel. Sometimes when things start to get dull and uninspiring, I find a little revamping is all I need to get the creative juices flowing again. I used some of my digital scrapbooking goodies and created a little bit of goodness using Picmonkey. I love creating stuff in there. It's free and so fun to use.

I have new banners and headers. I also have a new "keyword" section on this here blog. Find a topic, click, and boom you have all my posts under that topic (I'm still working on updating the keywords, but it's getting there). I figured that was a much easier way for me to keep things organized and not feel like I have to constantly update random pages on the blog. I was always very bad at that, so I needed to make a simple change to keep this mama's sanity.

I also have committed myself to blogging and filming more. It is truly something I love doing and something I feel called to do. I don't care about stats or numbers.....I just genuinely love to share and encourage. If my posts help just one person, than I feel I have done my job.

I've been filming a lot lately...the creativity has been there. I have a full page of ideas from all you lovelies and I CAN NOT wait to make more videos. I actually have the next two weeks of videos all ready for you. I decided that Monday and Thursdays could be days you could count on seeing a new video from me on my channel. I'm still messing with the idea of doing a Faithful Sundays vlog or something faith related. One of you readers suggested it and I've been letting it sit on my heart for a few days. It definitely sounds like something I'd be up for.

I love all the creativity vibes and encouragement you have been sending my way. It sure makes this mama's heart happy.

I also have felt very prompted to keep going with my journaling on here. This little blog is not just a place to share about living within your means and shopping on a budget, but a place to document my family's lives. My kids won't always be this fact they are growing day by day. I've asked them to slow down, but they aren't listening ;) I want to capture moments and have a record to share with them later.

I'm thankful for this new found drive and that God is working on my heart. I'm a masterpiece under construction...we all are. I'm just hoping that day by day, a little bit can be chipped off, so the gem underneath can shine through.

I hope you are all having a fabulous day! Never forget how truly amazing you are friends!!

XO Danielle 

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