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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Winco Produce Haul and Freezer Update....

Morning friends!! I hope you are all having a fabulous start to your weekend. Hubby is here this weekend and we are making up for lost time. Lots of family activities are going to be shared and probably a few yummy treats as well. Daddy has a habit of bringing out the fun when he comes home. 

I wanted to quickly hop on here though and share my most recent grocery haul. We were running low on produce last we were completely we made a quick trip to Winco. We grabbed some produce for the rest of April and a few other staples to round out our menu plan. I also have an update on the progress of us eating out of our freezer. We made quite a little dent. It feels good to use up some of those freezer meals I've stocked our freezer with.

I've included our cost break down for the month. We ended up going to Costco twice in April. The first time was when I did a video haul and the second time was when we went and got some snacks for Hubby to bring back to Arizona with him.

$275.79 -- Costco
$67.06 -- Winco

$342.85 -- Total Spent in April 2016

Our monthly grocery budget is $600. With only spending $342.85 this month, we were able to save $257.15. That was money that we then moved into our savings account. This will be great to have saved up for after we move and we start stocking up on pantry essentials again. Is it weird that I am totally looking forward to stocking a new pantry? You could say I really love food storage :)

How did your grocery shopping go this month?

XO Danielle 

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