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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bridge to Terabithia Cake...

In March, we read the book Bridge to Terabithia for our book club. To celebrate the kids made a cake. We did a pinterest search and were inspired by this picture. We then made a list of what candies we could use to make our own cake. Colored icing, Swedish fish, kit-kats, Whoppers, and m and ms made the list. We ventured out to Wal-Mart to pick all the goodies. 

It was so cute seeing Keagan and Libby work it all out together, while in the candy aisle. They figured out how they could use each type of candy to create their cake. I love it when they work together. It always makes my mama heart happy.

When we got home, we baked a simple yellow cake. We ended up using a boxed mix to keep things simple. Once it was cooled, the kids got to work. I had them work on talking to each other  in order to work as a team. Communication has been a big thing we're working on lately. I think it is so important for them to learn how to work and share ideas with other people. It's definitely a life skill :)

The next day we had all our friends from book club over for a pot luck lunch to watch the movie. We all shared this yummy cake for dessert. I know it made my red heads really happy they got to share their creation with their friends.

I love looking for little projects like these to go with our readings. Right now we're reading Percy I just need to find a cool project to really make that book come alive. Any ideas?

XO Danielle

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