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Thursday, May 12, 2016

How I Plan Our Homeschool Using the "Spreadsheet Method"...

So I don't really know if "The Spreadsheet Method" is a legit thing, but it is what I call the way we plan our homeschool lessons. I make a spreadsheet at the end of every single month. It incorporates everything I plan to do with my kiddos the following month. I divide things into the subjects I plan on teaching that month. Some basic subjects we teach every month are reading, writing, spelling, and math. Those are on our list no matter what.

For writing, we tend to do 3-4 writing assignments a month. Right now we are using Evidence Based Writing - Grade 5. I purchased the e-book version of this through Carson-Dellosa. They're one of my favorite for purchasing homeschool curriculum. I also love Simply Charlotte Mason. I break our assignments up into weeks. We work through the writing process and by the end of the week they have written a five paragraph essay. The kids like knowing they only have to work on that writing topic for one week. It keeps things fun by changing up the writing topics.

For reading, we focus on one read aloud a month. Right now we are reading Percy Jackson Book 1. We read this as a family and then at the end of the month, we meet with our homeschool group and talk about the book and watch whatever movie coincides with it. Picking books that have been made into movies has been fun. The kids get to see how books really have so much more info and descriptions than the movies. It's been neat to see how they have liked most of the books WAY better than the movies. It's also fun to get together with other kids and talk about our favorite parts. I also pull activities from the books for us to do throughout the month. I try to keep it simple and fun. Our last writing assignment for the month is usually a book report. I love reading the kids reviews on the books.

For math, we slowed down a bit this year. I didn't feel like we were completely ready to move forward, so we have taken this year to really focus on getting down all of our multiplication facts. They've worked through the ebook I had purchased back in September and now we are going to start working on mastering basic division. I know that if we take a bit more time to slow down now, we will be able to speed up later. It has also been great to see them gain confidence in a subject that has been quite a challenge for them this year. I love seeing my kids grasp hard topics and feel good about what they're doing. It does this mama's heart good.

For spelling, we use Charlotte Mason's Spelling Wisdom. We started with book 1 and will continue to work through the different books. My kids are loving the quick and simple pace. We work on an exercise for about 10 minutes each day of the week. We then practice fifth grade and sixth grade spelling words. I usually search for various lists online and they practice spelling the words to me. Sometimes I make a game out of it. They have really flourished this year in spelling...especially Keagan. Spelling has been quite a struggle for him in the past. This year though, he has started to really grasp words and understanding how to break down big words to spell them.

For our other subjects, I really let inspiration and child led interests take us where we need to go. Right now we have been doing a lot of science experiments....usually one or two a week. We have been using Kitchen Science Lab for all of our experiments. We bought the ebook and the kids have loved going through it and picking out experiments. They love hands on learning and all the experiments use things you probably already have in your pantry. That's what I love about it. It makes planning much easier for me.

I also love to search Pinterest for ideas. There is so much out there. I love that so many teachers and homeschooling mamas blog about their activities. There is always so much encouragement out there.

Now that you know a little bit about what items we're using and how I find topics, I thought I would share a video on how this spreadsheet method works for us. Our spreadsheet is first and foremost a goal sheet. We are not a slave to our planner. I always want to leave room for inspiration. Also...sometimes life happens. I always keep this in mind. I don't want to ever get down on my kids or myself if we get behind the "schedule". I simply want to create a happy environment for learning. Using this method has really enabled us to do just that.

XO Danielle 

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