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Friday, May 27, 2016

Long Holiday Weekend Grocery Haul + Weekly Menu Plan...

Happy Friday friends!! I am getting on here again to share another grocery haul with y'all. Yesterday the kids and I ventured out to Wal-Mart and Winco to grab some things for this long holiday weekend and for another week worth of meals. We were able to get everything on our list for $213.46. $133.95 of that total was for strictly food items, with $79.51 being for non food items. On the list this week were kitty litter, air freshers, new bathing suits for the kids, and a lot of goodies for our long holiday weekend. We have plans to visit family, swim a lot, and spend a lot of down time with dad on his day off.

I have a cost breakdown of what we bought. In the video I take you through each thing we bought, what we will be eating this upcoming week, and the progress we are making on cleaning out our freezer chest. I am happy to announce that we only have about a quarter of it filled now. My goal is to have it emptied by the end of June and I think we are right on track with that.

My Wal-Mart and Winco Long Holiday Weekend Grocery Haul

Chex Mix $1.78
Hoagie Rolls $2.28 x2
Bagels $1.77 x2
Rice Cakes $2.18 x2
BBQ Lays Chips $1.28 x2
Variety Chip Pack $6.28
Nacho Cheese $1.58
Brownie Mix $.98 x2
Green Onions $.48
Cilantro $.33
French Bread $.98
Pepperoni $1.58 x2
Cheese Singles $2.48
Tortillas (regular) $4.92
Tortillas (burrito) $2.98
Turkey Bacon $2.40 x2
Refried Beans $.98
Butter $2.78
Onions $2.98
Biscuits $1.68
Cinnamon Rolls $1.98 x4
Bread $1.78
Canned Yams $1.48 x2
Crackers $1.78 x2
Watermelon $3.28
Bananas $.34/lb x4lbs
Corn $.16 x4
Strawberries $1.68 x2
Tomatoes $.98/lb x2lbs


Food Items:
Pizza $3.50 x4
Mints $2.28
Juice Box $1.88 x3
Dr. Pepper $4.58
Root Beer $2.68
Grape Soda $2.68
Mnt Dew $3.33

Non Food Items:
Beach Towel $9.88 x3
Beach Towel $8.94
Girl Bathingsuit $8.84
Boy Bathing Shirt $9.44
Trash Bags $6.96
Fabric Softner $3.97
Floss Threaders $1.98
Air Freshners $.98 x8
Cat Litter $3.87 x2

This weeks menu plan:

Breakfast Ideas: Cereal and fruit, toast and eggs, bagels and fruit, cinnamon rolls and bacon, smoothies, fried eggs and toast, etc.

Lunch Ideas: Mac and cheese, pizza, tuna sandwiches, deli sandwiches, egg salad, leftovers, grilled cheese, salads, and peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches. 


Friday: Sloppy joes with melon and baked beans
Saturday: Deli Sandwiches chips, and fruit
Sunday: Crockpot enchiladas with corn on the cob
Monday: Burrito night
Tuesday: Strawberry Chicken with pasta and veggies
Wednesday: Chicken Pockets with broccoli
Thursday: Mexican eggplant with rice
Friday: Vegetable soup and biscuits

Have a safe holiday weekend friends! I'll see you guys on Tuesday, with new posts and brand new videos!! :)

XO Danielle

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