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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Third Trimester Here We Come...

We made it friends!! Can you believe it!? We made it to the third trimester! If I had a party hat and a noise blower, I would totally be celebrating in style! When I saw those two lines on that pregnancy test back in December, I was full of nerves and apprehension. We had been here before, but things didn't end so well. That pregnancy ended in miscarriage and we were left to grieve over our sweet angel baby. With PCOS, my chances of miscarriage are far greater than usual. Now two years later I was staring at two lines on a test again. It was what we had been praying for. I was nervous, but also calm. Does that even make sense? I felt like God was stilling my heart...letting me know that this pregnancy would be different. Things would be all right. I was scared, but I tried to push those thoughts from my mind and relish in the fact that a sweet little blessing was growing.

Each month we have celebrated that we are a little bit closer to holding our sweet little bundle. Now here we are 7 months later, knowing our sweet baby Tallia will be joining our family in just 12 short weeks. My heart is overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. Yesterday I shared a few thoughts on my instagram account, which I wanted to share here as well.

"Excuse the dirty mirror, but I had to snap a picture of this cute baby bump. I'm officially 28 weeks pregnant and into my third trimester. Miss Tallia is soooo active. She favors my right rib and loves throwing elbows friends ;) She's head down and right on track with her growth. I now go to midwife appointments every two weeks. This past week was an emotional one. Realizing we're in the home stretch has made my mama heart very full. After years of infertility, a miscarriage, a diagnosis of PCOS, and dealing with grief from my brother's death....I wasn't sure if we'd ever get here, but here we are....about to welcome this sweet chickadee to our family in less than 12 weeks. God has truly been with me in every step of this journey. He told me to be patient and let Him lead. I did just that and now my heart is full to capacity with thankfulness and love for my Heavenly Father, my Savior, and my amazing little family. I'm thankful to be a mother. I'm thankful for my two read heads, our angel baby, and our sweet baby girl. God is amazing friends!! Yes he does things in his timing, but he never forsakes us. He cries with us, he laughs with us, he strengthens us. God is truly marvelous!"

This pregnancy has been such a good one. I am thankful for every single moment I get to feel my sweet girl kick, stretch, hiccup, and wiggle. God has truly brought huge blessings to my family this year. We've been waiting for 8 years to add another baby to this family. I'm so thankful God has provided for us and although waiting has been hard, I'm thankful we are finally here...counting down the weeks to meet our baby girl :)

On a side cute are these diapers? We are going to be doing cloth diapers this time around and we have been having so much fun stocking up. Gaw! These patterns are to die for! We also ordered Miss Tallia a stuffy. We've done this with each of our kiddos. Hubby wanted a Rhino for her, but when we saw this cute elephant on Amazon, we couldn't resist. This cute, soft elephant has been named peanut (Keagan thought of the name) and just begs to be cuddled. I think baby girl will really enjoy this sweet animal.

XO Danielle 
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