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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tools For Teaching Your Kids Multiplication...

In my homeschooling video, I shared last week, I mentioned some tools we were using in math. I got a few questions about them, so I thought I would take some time today to share what tools we have been using to teach our kids multiplication and what has been working for us.

To start off, we decided to take a step back this year. My kids learned multiplication last year, but I felt like they were super dependent on that multiplication cart. I wanted them to be able to get those basic multiplication facts down, so that they would become second nature. Multiplication is a skill we use everyday and I want them to have as many "tools" in their metaphorical tool box to enable them to recall facts quickly and be able to excel in math. Our life has a lot of math in it, so we need to make sure we have the basics down. It makes life easier.

Growing up, I never had to memorize the multiplication facts and guess what? Recalling simple multiplication facts is a challenge for me. My husband had to memorize them in school and he is a wiz when it comes to recalling facts. It's not a challenge to him. Because of this, I wanted to have my kids really know those facts before we moved onto other math concepts.

The first thing I started with was a multiplication book I found on Amazon. It is called Times Tables the Fun Way by Judy Liautaud. This book is full of stories for many of the multiplication facts. Each story is also accompanied by a brightly colored picture, representing the story. Both of my kids enjoyed this book.

We have also enjoyed watching some times table videos by New Jersey youtuber Mr. DeMaio. He is a teacher in Union Beach, who has created some of the funniest videos for kids on all kinds of subjects. I read an article about him here and loved what he was creating. He has quite a few covers he's done of popular songs to help kids remember the times tables. We like to listen to these to help us review. One of our favorites is his version of Meghan Trainers "All About The Bass" called "All About the 8's". Too fun! 

I also used a workbook from publisher Carson-Dellosa. It is called "I Can Master Multiplication". It is an ebook, chock full of worksheets to help kids practice all the basic multiplication facts. I have one for division we will be starting in the next week or so. Carson-Dellosa also has them in addition and subtraction.

Some other things we've done is scour the web for various tricks on multiplying. My favorite site is Math is Fun

I have a video as well to help answer your questions and share some more about what we've been using.

XO Danielle 
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