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Monday, June 13, 2016

My Two Pantry Must Haves...

Evening friends!! The kids are in bed, the dishes have been cleaned, and I am finally grabbing a few moments to sit down at the computer and get my post up for the day. I love having this time in the evening. First of all, it is quite. My house is never this quiet during the day (can all you mamas relate?) We are a loud, active family. Once those littles are in bed though, all things go still. All I hear is the hum of our swamp cooler and the jingle of Watson's bell, as he lays next to me. I also get to fill sweet Tallia kicking up a storm. This is her time. The time when I have slowed down, which means she can speed up and get out a whole lot of energy. I don't think I'll ever tire of feeling her sweet wiggles and kicks. It makes my heart very happy to know this sweet bundle is getting bigger and stronger each day. Less than 8 weeks and we get to meet this little chickadee. Can you tell were counting down? :)

Today I thought we would talk about our pantry must haves. I know we all have those items that we just gotta have in our pantry. For me those items are rice and spaghetti. When I have a good stock of these two items, I know I can make a plethora of recipes for my family. When money is tight, I never fret because I know these little gems are waiting for me in my pantry....waiting to be made into a yummy recipe that will fill my family's tummy.

I made a quick little video today talking about my two pantry must haves. Check out the video and don't forget to leave your own comment sharing your family's personal pantry must haves.

Let's encourage and inspire each other this evening friends!

XO Danielle


  1. Hi Danielle,

    I love your blog. My favorite things to put in our pantry are also pasta and rice. We go to the local Asian Market Mall to buy our rice in large 25 lb bag and store them in a food container. It lasts us about 10 months for my husband and myself. I have found pasta for $1.00 or less at our local grocery stores and by 10 lbs or more at at time to store. I hadn't thought of storing the pasta in a food container so now I will purchase one to keep it fresh..thank you for the information. :)

    Other pantry needs that I keep are canned veggies, such as peas, green beans and tomatoes, tomato paste and flour yeast and baking powder. I have used pasta and pea recipes which can stretch a meal as well, and green beans are added to soups I make. Canned tomatoes I can use for rice dishes, soups and spaghetti sauce. I use mostly gluten free flour and white flours for baking biscuits and bread and pasta dough and cookies for a sweet tooth. I am allergic to whole wheat unfortunately. These staples go a long way to help me cut our costs. I cook meat about twice a month, and buy meat such as chicken or turkey when it is $1.00 or less/lb and store them in the freezer for later use. The local store here has whole chickens organic raised for about 99 cents/lb every 3 or 4 months so I store several in the freezer. I buy whole turkeys in November. Most of our meals are vegetarian.

    Thank you again for your video and blog
    Patty from the NW

    1. Hi Patty! I am also from the NW, and just curious which store you find organic whole chickens from for that price?! Thanks!

  2. Pasta and rice are must haves for me too. I also try to always have canned tomatoes, chickpeas, coconut milk, peanut butter and honey. I can make so many things out of those items!

  3. I always have to have potatoes in the pantry. If you have potatoes you can make a lot of meals with them. I also need my spices and hot sauce. They truly add flavor to any meal. My daughter loves green beans so I try to always have them sitting on the shelf along with rice just like you. Canned tomatoes are another necessity. I buy them when the are on sale and use them in a lot of my sauces. If found canned plum tomatoes are delicious in my spaghetti sauce. It's something new that I just discovered. I love your blog and wish you well.

  4. We always have rice and a variety of pastas and toddler snacks. I get veggie pasta from Vitacost so when I place an order I always get a lot to get the free shipping. Also coffee and baking supplies.

    My husband and I grew up in households that served a lot of processed foods. I'm trying to slowly change that in between going to work and school full time. Baby steps.

  5. I agree-rice and pasta, very big pantry staples. I can often get pasta for .99-1.19 for 1kg (2.2lbs) here in Canada. One of the few food items I can get cheap here. My next most important pantry staple would have to be spices and a few dried herbs in the shaker bottles. Very essential for making any food taste phenomenal.The more your family is satisfied with your home cooking, the less inclined they will be to want to eat out. (and waste $$)


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