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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Our Day...

This day has been good to us friends. This morning I left the dishes in the sink and ventured out with my red heads. We spent our morning at the library, picking out new books. Libby has finally decided to give Goosebumps a try. She has loved the movie and episodes on Netflix. Keagan breezed through these books a few years ago. It has been really neat to hear them talk about the books together, as Keagan encourages her and shares his favorites. I love when I get to see those sweet moments between siblings. We also signed up for our library's summer reading challenge. This year they will get to earn tickets to The Shark Reef. Have any of you locals been? It is seriously so much fun! This has been the prize the last few years and it is one that we really look forward. Their goal is to earn their tickets before Miss Tallia makes her debut, so we can go as a family before our big move. My red heads are BIG readers, so I think their chances are really good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This mama really loves seeing all the different sea life at the Reef. It is always a fun day.

Today was also full of A LOT of art. This obsession with art today was totally child led. Both of my kiddos checked out books on drawing at the library. Keagan is a doodler. He found a few books, sharing tips on making doodles of insects, which is totally right up his alley. His favorites are by Ralph Masiello. If you saw this boy's school notebooks or worksheets, you would be greeted with all kinds of little creatures and robots. I love finding all his doodles. In fact, he has even taken to doodling on our moving boxes. It is like little scenes played out on each box. Today he spent a good hour on the couch, drawing beetles and caterpillars. Miss Libby has really gotten into drawing people. I believe it is called Manga art. Every time she finishes a piece, she has me take a picture and send it to her daddy.

The rest of our afternoon was spent doing a science experiment from our Kitchen Science Lab book, building with legos, and making a few messes here and there.

Oh and we were given a HUGE box of baby girl clothes this morning from a dear friend at church. We have been so blessed this pregnancy. More than half of our baby things have been handed down to us. Being given these new to us goodies has been amazing. I am overwhelmed by the love and kindness from those around us. The Lord has certainly provided for us.

This evening we stuck to the menu plan and had baked manicotti. It had been a while since I had made this. It takes a little bit more prep time, but it is so worth it. I simply follow the instructions on the back of the pasta box. Yum!

and now it is time to read scriptures and put those not-so-little red heads to bed.

How was your day friends?

XO Danielle 


  1. Sounds like a great day! And yes, it's so amazing to see the different interests in children form. I need to ask my son what types of books he would like to take out from the library. I feel like we always go but it's more led by me. Your post is a good reminder to let him do some leading in his interests.

  2. Thanks for sharing. My kids are doodlers as well. I looked up Ralph Masiello books because I'm always on the look out for things the kids might like for birthdays and Christmas. At 8 & 10 it's hard to find something spot on for both of them. I think they'll appreciate it. Oh and the bio for Ralph Masiello says he has two daughters Alexa and Talia. What a coincidence! The spelling is a little different but it's very similar. :)

  3. What a great day you had! I'm looking forward to doing experiments with my little one when he's a bit older. Right now he still thinks the vinegar and baking soda reaction is cool. :)

    We're heading to the library today to sign up for their reading program.

    I started keeping a chalkboard on the fridge to write dinners on for the week. It really helps me out. I think I got the idea from one of you awhile back. Thanks!

  4. We LOVE our library's summer reading program. In fact, in recent years they've added a reading program for adults too and the prizes are awesome.
    I should really start meal planning. I'm jealous of your organization skills!


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