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Monday, June 20, 2016

Pulling at the heart strings...

Oh my gosh friends...I was editing these pictures and it happened...that tugging feeling you have when your heart gets the feels. Know what I am talking about? I'm not sure if it's pregnancy or the fact we are gearing up to move out of state, but seeing these pictures made me a bit misty. Last week I met up with my sister-in-laws, so all the cousins could have some fun in the pool. We spent a good three hours eating pizza and fruit and swimming in the pool. It was so neat to see who's swimming now, who's able to dive for things, etc. These little munchkins are growing up friends. Why do they have to do it so fast? Auntie can't keep up ;)

I've made a little personal goal this summer to get out and do something fun each week this summer. With adding a new baby in August and moving to a new state, I know our "normal" is going to change, so I am trying to revel in the right now. 

This week we have a fun family day trip planned and hopefully a romp or two in the pool. It should be a good week friends :) What's on your summer bucket list?

XO Danielle 


  1. It is probably a combination of it all. Those are some great summer pics though! :-) I look forward to seeing your weekly summer fun! I think for our summer bucket list is full of just swimming...more swimming...with a side of swimming. lol. If the kiddo has any say to it.

  2. Oh... I think moving is really sad and hard.. we just moved from our house.. My husband built it and we had lived in it for 20 yrs, and on the property for 35 yrs. We have been moved for 2 months and I still cry when I think about it.ha
    KNow you will be happy in the new state.. Will you move your mobile home with you, or will you have a different house?
    Hope you and baby are doing well.
    The photos were wonderful. Proud you and the kids are enjoying some summer days.. Have a great week.

  3. I started following you on Feedly recently and am getting caught up after vacation. Your family looks so happy! Looking forward to seeing how all works out for you. We moved to AZ 2 years ago and are loving it.


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