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Friday, June 3, 2016

Sprouts Farmers Market Produce Haul...

Morning friends! On Tuesday the kids and I had to venture out to Sprouts Farmers Market to pick up some more Papaya Enzyme. I've been using this to help deal with my heartburn, which has been hitting me throughout this pregnancy. I'm in the final stretch (I'm 30 weeks preggo friends! wahoo!), so there is a light at the end of the fiery tunnel :)

While we were at Sprouts, we decided to pick up a few fruits and veggies to tide us over until the end of the week. Over the holiday weekend we ate ALL of the produce we had bought. Between swimming with friends and family, BBQ's, and family dinners at home...the majority of our produce was gobbled up. I needed to snag a few more things to get us through to the end of the week.

Below is the cost breakdown. All together we spent $42.92.

1 lb bag baby carrots $1.29
1 lb package strawberries $.98 each x4
5 lb bag russet potatoes $1.99
blackberries $1.50
blueberries 18 oz.  $3.88
cantaloupe melon $.98
gala apples $1.50 for 1.71 lbs
green seedless grapes $4.08 for 2.06 lbs
honeydew melon $2.99
large navel oranges $1.54 for 3.07 lbs
raspberries $1.50
seedless watermelon $3.88
sweet cherries $3.07 for 1.55 lbs
papaya enzyme $9.99

Total Spent: $42.92

Have a great weekend friends!! :)

XO Danielle

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