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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Weekly Grocery Haul + Menu Plan...

Hello Friends!! Today I have another weekly grocery haul for you. This is what we bought for the second week of June. We ended up spending $107.77. We came in under budget, which made up for my going two dollars over last week. Below is the cost breakdown and the full video, where you can see what we bought and what we ate this past week. I've included my menu plan for this week in the video as well, so be sure to check it out. 

{Winco Grocery Haul}

ice cream sandwiches plain $3.10
ice cream sandwiches Neapolitan $3.38
grandma cookies $.89 x2 (treat at checkout) 
almond milk $2.48 x4
Lays stacks $1.28 x2
Mnt Dew 20 oz. $1.54 (treat at checkout)
foil pan 9x13 $1.55
Eggo waffles $3.88
chicken strips $5.78
chicken nuggets $6.94
freezer bags $2.41 
granola bars $4.24
Velveeta mac and cheese $2.48 x3
Velveeta cheese slices $2.48
frozen burritos $.33 x2
sour cream $3.52
Chex cereal $3.8 x2
corn on the cob @ $.20 each x2
Grands biscuits $1.18
watermelon $3.88
bananas @ $.48/lb bought 4.79 lbs. -- $2.30
cheddar bratwurst $2.98
baked beans $1.88
granola bars $1.98
frozen veggies $.98 x2
bread $.98 x2
hot dog buns $.88
Hawaiian rolls $3.15
graham crackers $1.58
club crackers (generic) $1.98
toaster pastries $1.48 x2

Total Spent: $107.45
Total Spent so far for the month of June: $260.61

XO Danielle
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