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Friday, June 24, 2016

Weekly Winco Grocery Haul + Weekly Menu Plan....

Morning friends! Last night I got all my grocery hauls and menu plans for June uploaded and edited, so over the next few weeks you will get to see what we bought, what we ate, and how we saved in the month of June. I hope that it provides a little bit of encouragement for you in your own grocery shopping and money saving journey. I've also included a price breakdown below for you, so you can see what the prices are in the Vegas area.

For this particular haul, we planned our weekly trip to Winco. For those of you that don't know, we have switched to weekly shopping as we gear up for our move out of state come early August. Our freezer chest is prepped and ready for the move, so I am only dealing with my fridge/freezer combo. We are still trying to use stuff up in our pantry and have made quite a dent in our food storage, which is helping save us money as well each week.

At Winco you bag your own groceries, so I had my two red heads with me to help with that. I am so thankful for their help. It has really been  a HUGE blessing as my pregnant belly gets larger.

While shopping, we were able to take advantage of some great savings. One of the best deals we saw was for eggs. 5 dozen eggs for under $3 friends. I couldn't believe it! I had to resist the temptation to stock up, as we have no where to put any extra stock right now. I did share this on instagram though and it seems like quite a few of you were able to go and take advantage of that deal.

Our monthly grocery budget is $600. I have broken that down into four weeks, which means our weekly grocery budget is $150. Anything leftover at the end of the week rolls over to the following week. Any money left over at the end of the month goes into savings. This is money that we are then putting towards our move and restocking of food storage once we are settled in our new place.

This week at Winco we spent $152.84.

{Winco Grocery Haul}

Sherbet $5.66
Grandma Cookie $.89 x3 (treat at checkout)
Pudding cups $2.38 x2
Honeybuzzer cereal $4.76
bananas 5.13 lbs @ $.48/lb -- $2.46
provolone cheese $3.94
deli ham $3.68 x2
1 lb. mushrooms $2.98
chex cereal $3.98
green onion $,48 x2 -- $.96
water bottle  $1.62 x3
eggs 5 dozen $2.48
Ricotta cheese $2.47
yoplait yogurt $.49 x8
butter $4.36
ice cream sandwiches plain $3.10
ice cream sandwiches Neapolitan $3.38
orange juice concentrate $1.33 x2
string cheese $1.98 x2
shredded cheese $5.98
cream cheese $$1.23 x2
granola bars $4.24
Red Barron pizza $2.98
almond milk $2.98
heavy cream $2.00
corn tortilla $1.28
sliced swiss cheese $4.77
baby carrots 2 lbs. $1.88
instant oatmeal $1.64
honey baked beans $1.88
peanut butter $2.04
refried beans $.98 x2
gala apples 3 lbs. $3.98
salad kit $2.48
mini sweet peppers $3.98
head lettuce $.98
grape tomatoes $6.98
tomatoes on the vine 2.02 lbs @ $.98/lb -- $1.98
corn on the cob $.20 each x4 -- $.80
cucumber $.48 each x3
strawberries $1.68 x2
blueberries $3.98
cantaloupe $1.78
avocados $1.48
French bread $.88
cookies $1.78 x2
hoagies $2.06
watermelon $2.58
white bread $.98 x2
Bagels $.98 x2

Total Spent: $152.84

To see our full haul and menu plan, check out the video below :)

XO Danielle 


  1. Our weekly budget is $150 as well. This week we have extra from roll over. ($200 total). I only spent $128!! Yay! So today I am going to stock up on chicken legs that are 77 cents/lb and maybe check Goodwill for play jeans for the kiddos who forever have holes in the knees of their pants. Good luck and many blessings in your pregnancy. God is so good!

  2. $1.38 for 18 eggs!?!? Is that the going rate?! I would die.. I'm in Ontario Canada, and we pay $6.00/18 eggs here.. :(


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