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Friday, July 15, 2016

FAQ Fridays- Will I continue blogging after baby, homeschooling with a newborn, and more!

Morning friends!! Today I have a new segment up on the channel. A few weeks ago I asked you guys for questions you'd like me to answer. You all shared them on Facebook and Instagram. I received so many that I thought it would be fun to share a weekly segment, where I get to answer your questions. Today we are talking about blogging after baby girl comes, how I plan to homeschool with a newborn, and a few other odds and ends. Check out the video and let me know what other questions you'd like answered. Leave them on the channel or here in this post. :)


XO Danielle


  1. Loved this! Moving with a newborn--you are a brave woman! Hopefully little miss doesn't keep you waiting too long! I'll have to go back and do some more research on your homeschooling methods and thoughts. Thanks for the video!

  2. Danielle, you are an AMAZING wife, mother, and an incredible woman who is God-driven and so inspirational. I have been praying for you and your family for a very long time and was SO happy when you announced your pregnancy, especially after all you have been through and how discouraged and saddened you were. God hears our prayers, as you know. I'm so happy to hear you will keep blogging. That is a God-given gift. My love to you! Barbara B. (Upstate NY)

  3. I'm excited for your new segment! I'll be thinking of some questions for you.


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