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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Setting Up House...

Hi friends!! I wanted to hop on and share some progress pics from our move. We are still surrounded with boxes, but we're making progress. Moving and unpacking with a newborn has been interesting. It definitely makes it go slower, but that's fine with me. We're in no real rush.

a few pics pre-move. Our sweet family came to help load the u-haul...

and hold the baby :)

The drive itself from Nevada, went great. The boys drove the U-Haul, with Hubby's car on a trailer. Us girls drove in my car. We stopped every two-three hours to feed Tallia and go to the bathroom. We had Watson with us too. The cat barely made a peep. 

Since the move, we've been making progress on setting up house. The bathroom is about complete.... I still need a bath rug.

The kitchen is mostly unpacked, but I need to live in it for a few weeks to see where I want everything to go, in regards to organization. 

I've been loving baking and cooking again. Oh how I missed it. Hot breakfasts have been a daily occurrence. Mmmmm...french toast.

The rooms are coming along. I have tons of baby clothes to organize and linens to find a home for. We have a full years worth of clothes for Miss T. I plan to use vacuum bags to store whatever sizes she's not in. We also have a mountain of laundry that's about to grow arms. Our new dryer comes tomorrow (no clotheslines allowed in our complex). I never thought I'd so look forward to doing laundry. Life with a newborn makes you appreciate clean blankets and shirts. 

I'm trying to get creative with organization and decor, using what I have on hand. I try to remind myself to make do and be content. Once we're settled a bit more I'll do a video tour and share what organization hacks I used.

Have a great Sunday! :)

XO Danielle
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