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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Three weeks old...

It's hard to believe that Miss T is three weeks old. We have been loving on her and enjoying each day with her, that three weeks has truly flown by.

Miss T is such a good little nurser. In fact she can't get enough mama milk. She usually eats every two hours, but every once in a while she'll have a three hour stretch. I always enjoy when this happens at night.

We tried out the Moby wrap for the first time this past week and Little Miss loved it. She went right to sleep. I think we'll be using the wrap a lot. Especially once we start back up with school, after labor day.

When Tallia was weighed at two weeks old, she was 8 lbs 9 oz. She already gained back her birth weight plus some, which we were very happy about.

She's wearing 3 month clothes and is finally starting to fill them out. Some outfits are still a bit to big though.

Her eyes are turning a dark blue with light brown around the pupil. We're anticipating what color they will end up. Will they be hazel like daddy's or blue like the rest of us?

We are so thankful for this sweet girl and the joy she brings to our family.

XO Danielle
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