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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Filling the Fridge....

** I wrote this post 2 weeks ago :) **

Since we moved out of state, I couldn't bring anything that was in my fridge or freezer. Thankfully we did a good job of cleaning stuff out before hand. On moving day I only had one freezer meal left (which I gave to my parents to enjoy) and  some frozen fruit and waffles. There were also some odds and ends in the fridge. Since my sisinlaw was taking our fridge, she took all the goodies that were left.

Anything left in the pantry was packed up and moved to Arizona. Because I was able to bring a lot of our pantry staples, canned goods, and 5 gallon food grade buckets (filled with flours, beans, and rice), we had a good start when we got here. I slowly unpacked our pantry items. Unpacking with a newborn is no joke. Slow and steady is my motto. I might not get things done crazy fast right now, but those newborn snuggles are so worth it.

The day after we got here, I planned a trip to Fry's, a local grocery store. It's like Smith's, which we had in Nevada. I believe they're the same company. They're Kroger stores. I made a list on my phone, with a meal plan. I tried to base my meal plan on a lot of the pantry items I already had. This helped keep costs down. I'm still getting use to shopping in a new city, with sometimes very different prices. Some things were similar, but some were very $8 for 5 dozen eggs. I've been paying $3 at Winco. I'm eager to check out Costco in September and compare costs.

I stuck to simple items and meals to get us started, which helped. I also resisted the urge to replace all our "fridge staples" in one fell swoop. I'll be replacing condiments as needed in the meal plans. I shopped for about two weeks. I'm hoping to get us into September, when I can plan a big trip to Costco.

I definitely have a learning curve going on. I need to get adjusted to shopping in a new place and I need to try out different stores to see where my family can save the most.

I'll keep y'all posted, but for now I'm giving myself a little mama grace.

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Thank-you for all your encouraging comments and messages over the past few weeks. I read every single one. You guys are the best!!

XO Danielle
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